No Soccer for You!

Circuit Court Judge Ellen Leesfield ruled “null and void” to South Miami United as the city’s continued soccer program operator in response to a law suit filed by Grey Ghosts Soccer. The Grey Ghosts approved request for proposal bid presented by the city manager was rejected at the June 12 city commission meeting by a 4 to 1 vote. It was later decided that South Miami United would continue to operate the program.

Judge Leesfield said in her ruling: “the court finds that the manner in which the RFP process was handled violates Florida law. If the city is to have a managed soccer program at South Miami Park, the city shall issue a new RFP with appropriate time and procedure in evaluating a permit or contract for such program. The current permit issued by the city to South Miami United is hereby declared null and void.”

Grey Ghosts President Javier Rodriguez said in an interview following the decision, “The ball is now in their court. They can do the right thing and award the contract to the Grey Ghosts as they should have done at the June 12 meeting.”

Rodriguez said the videotape of the meeting was played for Judge Leesfield. “After the mayor said ‘we will award it to the Grey Ghosts if they match the South Miami United bid’ and Commissioner Newman said ‘you cannot do that’ and the city attorney agreed saying ‘it violated the sealed bid,’ the judge seemed to say to herself, ‘I’ve seen enough.’”

City Manager Hector Mirabile shared the following statement with South Miami News: “The city will comply with the order and issue out a new RFP as soon as practicable ensuring that we comply with the court’s order and best management practices regarding procurement.  The city staff will continue ensuring that the process is fair, impartial, and in the best interest of the city and its residents.  The city further understands the issue of timelines in the process so that the constraints posed by the soccer schedules are met and the children are not left without a program.  We are committed to diligently fast track the process but simultaneously ensure that the time line and process is fair and impartial to all potential respondents of the RFP.”


Booming Restaurant Row


Downtown is hoppin’ with the very busy 100 Mondaditos at the corner of SW 73 St. and 58 Ave., featuring those miniature sandwiches of all sorts of fillings called “baguettes” — along with lots of friendly camaraderie.

Soon to be open directly across the street: a new hamburger spot named “ROK: BRGR Burger Bar + Gastropub.” Sign on the window says it’ll open this summer.


Of course , lots of our beautiful people regularly visiting their nearby favorite watering holes, among them Bougainvilleas, Town, Carrabbas, Ra Sushi, Outback, Casa Lario’s, Khoury’s. and Miyako, a Japanese eatery. So c’mon down, folks, sit a spell and enjoy an evening in the City of Pleasant Living.


Winn Dixie’s destiny?


Anyone know what the heck is going to happen if (and when) Winn Dixie on SW 73 St. closes? Where-oh-where will nearby folks go to buy groceries?  City fathers claim they want a grocery store in the city, but what in the heck are they doing to entice the landowners to go after someone? Not too much, I’ve been told.


Beware the Boys


Since it’s been awhile without any arrests for pot dealing in the CRA area (the sanitized name for that part of town), I’m figuring it must be time for a collar pretty soon. So, dope dealers, start putting your bond money together cuz’ you’re gonna need it… And BTW, I just can’t get that little tune out of my head from the COPS TV show: “What’cha gonna do when they come for you… Bad Boys, Bad Boys.”


On the Bob Front


Bob Welch, who plays a city commissioner in his recent reincarnation, just paid a symbolic fine of $250 imposed by the Ethics Commission.  Now Commissioner Bob,(aka Bobnoxious, Bicycle Bob, and a host of other little ditties) is basking in glory with  all of the attention he’s  recently been  getting.

Bob’s so good at attracting the limelight and so effective at getting others all worked up that his antics are becoming legendary. So, folks, as the song written by the Eagles goes: “Take it easy, take it easy, don’t let the sounds of your own wheels make ya crazy.”


Speaking of wheels, the cops are rolling around town, awaiting you with pointed radar guns at what seems to be every corner in town.  To cut to the chase, if you speed in South Miami, you’ll probably be caught by one of the cities finest one of these fine days. My suggestion, guys and gals:  just obey the speed limit signs and mosey along your way.


Kudos to our State Attorney


Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle has been selected Chairperson of the South Florida HIDTA, the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas program, for Fiscal Year 2012-2013.


HIDTA was established in 1990 after the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 was passed. The mission of the program is to enhance and coordinate America’s drug-control efforts among local, state and Federal law enforcement agencies in order to eliminate or reduce drug trafficking and its harmful consequences in critical regions of the United States.


“I am truly honored to have been selected to serve as Chairperson of the South Florida HIDTA by my esteemed colleagues from diverse agencies of law enforcement at the local, state, and Federal levels who make up our crime-fighting team. I look forward to continuing to work with our law enforcement partners to effectively address and combat drug trafficking issues in our community”, commented State Attorney Fernandez Rundle.


State Attorney Fernandez Rundle assumed her leadership position effective July 1, 2012.


Thought for the Day:

Life is a combination of magic and pasta.  ~Federico Fellini


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