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I am missing a few teeth and wear a removable partial appliance, but it moves around and food gets stuck under it. Is there another option?
With today’s new technology, there is an alternative that has become the gold standard of treatments – dental implants!

Most people do not realize the detrimental ramifications of a partial: Removable appliances in the long-run remove teeth. If you think of the design and how the appliance is engineered, the clasps on either side attach to perfectly good teeth. Over time, this rocks and pounds the jawbone, rendering the bone thin. The majority of patients complain of ill-fitting partials that either break often or cause irritation of the gums. If this has happened to you, consider replacing the appliance with dental implants.

Placing the dental implant fixture is a painless procedure and it can be placed immediately into a wide ridge. However, if there has been shrinkage of the bone, prior to placing the fixture the ridge can be expanded with regeneration materials until proper bone density has been reached. The partial appliance can be worn during the healing process, so you will never be without teeth.

A majority of our patients come to us knowing the quality of life they are experiencing with the partial is not what they want. They want to eat and smile without worry or embarrassment.

I am almost 15-years old and my adult upper small incisors have never grown in. I am very self conscious and uncomfortable when I smile. Do you have any suggestions to correct this situation?

Believe it or not, this is a very common genetic trait. Before initiating therapy, many orthodontists request an evaluation of the area to determine if the missing space is wide enough to place a freestanding dental implant. Communication with the orthodontist is imperative to ensure sufficient space is created for the placement of a dental fixture into each edentulous site.

Right now, you are too young for the dental implant procedures. We have found that anatomically it is best for girls to be 16 years of age and boys to be 17. In the meantime, your orthodontist can attach a plastic tooth to your braces until it is time for the implant treatment.

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