Oral Health Advice

Last Sunday I experienced such terrible pain in my mouth, I went to the Urgent Care center in my neighborhood. I was given pain medication and antibiotics, but the pain has returned. All I can of think of is the joke: “Take 2 pills and call me in the morning!” Talk about a shuff-a-lo to Buffalo! No diagnosis. No explanation.

The problem with many emergency rooms is that they aren’t equipped to adequately deal with oral health problems – they do not have dental diagnostic equipment; the instruments to resolve dental situations or for that matter, qualified dentists on staff.

If the facility does have the proper resources to address a dental emergency, the cost may be astronomical. To further complicate matters, it may not be covered by insurance due to the location service was completed.

Actually the advice you received could be the best long-term. The pain reliever will tide you over until you can see your dentist or a qualified dental professional who will be able to find the cause instead of treating the symptoms.

Dr. Kessler’s office is located at 7400 N. Kendall Dr., directly across Dadeland Mall and he may be reached at 305-670-3800 or online at Lkgums@aol.com or www.WeSaveSmiles.com.

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