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2 Seam Dream Foundation is ‘Throwing Cancer a Curve’

2 Seam Dream Foundation is 'Throwing Cancer a Curve'

Former MLB pitcher Rick Greene’s 2 Seam Dream Foundation will make a starstudded splash on Sept. 10 at Marlins Park with its inaugural South Florida event. “Throwing Cancer a Curve” will attract many professional athletes and celebrities, including Mike Lowell, Vinnie Chulk, Gus Gandarillas, Eli Marrero, Ricky Bones, Luis Alicea, …

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Pets Trust supporters rally to restore $19M program


Wearing red shirts and waving red handkerchiefs, supporters of the Kendall-born Pets Trust organization passionately pleaded with Miami-Dade Commissioners on July 14 to restore the voter-approved program. “We are determined to see that the people’s will is carried out,” declared Michael Rosenberg, referring to an estimated $19 million plan approved …

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