Plenty of changes coming at city hall

Betcha by the time you read this, that the city manager, Hector Mirabile will be gone and the Chief of Police Orlando Martinez de Castro will just about be out as well. Just one more disgrace brought to you by the elected morons over at city hall.

The bickering, the back stabbing and all the backroom deals that have taken over South Miami is unmatched in city politics. And they will continue until South Miami voters elect reasonable politicians who will appropriately represent all of its citizens.

Here’s my advice to any applicant for the city manager position of the city of UNpleasant Living: Smell the SEWER and keep on trucking as this City of (un)Pleasant Living continues to display the worst City Commission we’ve seen in an awfully long time.

BTW: the next election doesn’t come up until February 2014 – a long time to wait, but in the meanwhile all of us are gritting our teeth and we want to know if anyone else is waiting in the wings!

One of my favorite weekend things to do? Get up early and meander the aisles of Whole Foods to take in the sights and smells of some really good foodstuffs. The great smell of that fresh-cookin’ and ripe produce just floats through the air. A wide range of succulent soups, varied vegetables, choice chicken cuts and magnificent meat (alliteration sometimes gets away from me) are all sure to enliven olfactory senses if not pilfer your pocketbook beyond parsimony! For a real treat, do yourself a snoop-and-sniffin’ favor on a weekend tour of Whole Foods. Your nose will rejoice, even if your pocketbook collapses!

And since you’re in that neighborhood, continue walking on Sunset Drive and SW 57 Avenue (oops, SW 73rd Street, too) for easy window-shopping and people watching. Loads of fun and mucho relaxing, too.

Went out of my zip code to the recently opened Red Robin Restaurant in the Falls Shopping Center and discovered a fun atmosphere, lots of families, nicely themed decor throughout the restaurant, bright young food servers and a great menu. The food was just fine and there was enough space between dining tables that that we found we didn’t even mind who was sitting nearby. Overall, a delightful experience in new digs, bearing any newcomer’s visit!

Just finished reading the Nativity Conspiracy, a 200-page novel that will make you think a lot about the possibility of extraterrestrials’ existence. Written by former South Miami mayor Horace Feliu, it’s a quick read that will keep you wondering about extra-planetary visitors. A look-see at the book is available at and Amazon’s web site.

Is the University of Miami going to open a health care facility in South Miami? Or is another giant health care company or conglomerate seeking a cut of our lucrative local medical action?

Just happened to stroll unannounced into a party of sorts and ran into Simon Codrington, Joe and Veronica Gibson, Horace and Seida Feliu, Levi and Lauren Meyer, as well as Manny and Linda Gomez, all gathered to celebrate the 30th wedding anniversary of mutual friends. Nice way to wind up October with smiles all around!

Thought of the Day:

If you want to know the mind of a man, listen to his words.

— Chinese proverb

Raquel Garcia contributed to this column.

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Editor’s Note: Oops, In a recent column we wrote that the South Miami Senior Citizen Center on SW 62 Ave. and 67 St. was sold to the Related Urban. That is not the case, the Related Urban is doing the repairs and renovation of the building.

As it turns out the county has no intention of selling the Senior Center or other nearby county owned housing developments. As one can imagine, one of the big questions that some of the residents have is where they would be moving temporarily while the improvements are being made. The county tells us that the developer will be meeting with the residents to discuss relocation concerns.

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