Political Mischief or a Man Out of Touch?

Greetings and Good Afternoon to all;

IMG_0158As a 3rd Generation African American South Miamian I am VERY OFFENDED by this picture drafted by Commissioner Welsh. What is SAD is that WE the electorate of South Miami is to blame for allowing this current group of elected officials to CONTINUE to DEGRADE our community and it’s residents. When people DON’T CARE and DON’T VOTE (especially people in my neighborhood); you get people of this mind set. But it’s not just him; I have lost count how many times Valerie Newman has said statements along this line and over of the line; the phrase “SCREW THE BLACK VOTE” to my recollection was one of the worst. Well SCREW HER!! Walter Harris REFUSES to address this and on at least 2 OCCASIONS has FAILED to offer his thoughts about his beloved friends’ latest political gaffle. Walter thinks he’s slick; he ain’t getting away this time… At LEAST the Mayor has said it’s wrong (thanks to the pressure of Dr. Price) and I HOPE we can push him to at LEAST CENSURE Bob this coming Tuesday… Bob and Walter by the way didn’t even show up at the last scheduled CRA meeting this last Wednesday when this incident was brought to light by Dr. Anna Price and Rodney Williams which tells you how much they care about my community. BTW Donna’s opponent Gabriel Edmond REFUSED to speak at that CRA meeting also. And he’s supposed to be part Haitian… WOW…. I have been taking notes for almost 3 yrs since being home from the Navy; I know who on the right side and who isn’t… Others in the city including 2 members of Planning Board (I call them the 2 witches) in which I serve on also have said things like; “We don’t need another GHETTO” (in reference to Madison Square) and “the pool at Murray Park is a GIFT to the CRA residents…” WHAT A SLAP IN THE FACE to the VAST MAJORITY of us in the Marshall Williamson community that OWN OUR HOMES and WORK for a living. I plan on addressing this at this Tuesday’s Commission meeting. IF ANYONE continues to make EXCUSES and ASSOCIATE themselves with Bob, Walter and others that believe and support this train of thinking…. I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. Hope to see you all on Tuesday.

Have a blessed weekend.


Deltravis Lamont Williams
City of South Miami Planning & Zoning Board
Charter Review Committee
Committeeman for South Miami-Precinct 621
Miami-Dade Democratic Party Executive Committee

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1 Comment on "Political Mischief or a Man Out of Touch?"

  1. poliTrix at its finest being played out in the city of south miami, the only jackass will be the city taxpayer who cannot afford the $200 fee to swim in the city's pool collected by a private vendor who does not have to pay the city the min. maintenance fee because there is no enforceable lease agreement with the city as it will be revealed that city staff failed to get a signature – BBB rating…

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