Q+A with Kim Rodriguez of KR Personal Style

Kim Rodriguez

Q: What is your most important fashion tip?

A: There are several but the number one would be to make sure your clothes fit! I tell all my clients this. It does not matter if you are shopping low end or high end. If your clothes fit you properly you are already ahead of the game. If you love something that doesn’t fit perfectly off the rack, which is very common, buy it and visit a good tailor. Now you have a custom made piece for you.

Q: What are a few key pieces for spring that I should buy?

A: You don’t have to be a fashionista to look stylish. Color as always is so important for spring. It is much more prevalent than ever. If you aren’t used to color, stick to one either on the top or bottom. You can always pair any color with white or black (a little edgier). My favorite color to try this spring is yellow. It really can be a neutral. Agreat color blocked shoe or tribal print platform or flat is perfect to dress up any outfit. If you aren’t into brights, pastels are just as hot this season and they look amazing with the very trendy metallic shoe that is out there now. Metallic shoes are a great investment. They will work forever and can always be used as your neutral shoe.

Q: How do I dress sexy and not overdue it?

A: I love this question because it can be so easy to master this but many women have a hard time with the balance. For instance, the little dress: if it’s short, make sure it is not too low cut; if the dress is very low cut and tight, the hem length should really balance that low v neck and be longer; the tight, skinny jean: don’t do the half shirts that are out there now, please. A great fitting blazer with a low cut top and great heels is very sexy or pair the jeans with a sexy, sleeveless top and show your arms. Too much of anything is not that sexy, think balance.

Q: What are the essential pieces to every woman’s wardrobe?

A: These are the most important pieces, and will become the seasonless back bone of your wardrobe for all occasions:
• Jeans: you need a dark and lighter wash denim for dress and casual, white denim, and black if you like.
• Jacket: Well fitting, tailored black jacket, one that can be worn with a great dress or skirt and also with your favorite denim.
• White shirt and tees. You need these for layering and also for wearing on their own with great jewelry.
• Black Trousers; Trust me you need these in your closet. If you are only going to buy one pair I would buy a light weight tropical wool, slim fit through leg with a boot cut or light flair. Black skinny ankle lengths are always perfect as well.
• A Great black dress. Good quality, perfectly tailored dress that can be dressed up or worn to work functions, luncheons, dinners, etc. Change accessories and it is the “go to” dress
• Last but not least a great black and neutral bag and shoes.

Kim Rodriguez is a personal stylist who has worked in the fashion industry in New York and Miami for over 15 years. She can be reached at 305-989-1671, or by email at Kim@KRpersonalstyle.com or go online to www.facebook.com/KRpersonalstyle.com

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