SMP Pharmacy Solutions: A Complete Pharmacy Solution for Patients

SMP Pharmacy Solutions: A Complete Pharmacy Solution for Patients

SMP Pharmacy Solutions Staff.

SMP Pharmacy Solutions, previously known as South Miami Pharmacy, is committed to providing superior customer service and improved patient health. As a customer friendly healthcare and specialty pharmacy provider, they plan to increase their ability to help their customers through its comprehensive approach to healthcare.

With this year marking its expansion into a second location, we wanted to talk to President and CEO, Armando Bardisa, Pharm. D. about his plans for South Miami Pharmacy, its new name, and its drive for specialized pharmaceutical care.

Dr. Armando Bardisa answered back in kind about SMP Pharmacy Solutions, giving us the reasons behind their recent additions to the company.

CNews: So, first question from all of our curious readers, is SMP Pharmacy Solutions relocating?

AB: “SMP Pharmacy is growing, not relocating. We expanded into a new state-of-the-art second location to provide even more of the efficient, organized and exceptional service that our customers have come to appreciate over the years.”

CNews: “Why this location in particular?”

AB: “Well, I’m a Miami native myself, as I attended Florida International University and received my Doctorate in Pharmacy from Nova Southeastern University. It also helps that I grew up in an area nearby to our second location, and as such wanted to help out the local community.”

CNews: I have to ask, why the name change?

AB: “Ultimately, we settled on the name SMP Pharmacy Solutions because it directly speaks to our desire to help patients and doctors solve problems. We have and always will be committed to creating healthier patients by improving their quality of life and being a trusted partner in the community.”

CNews: “But what about the logo?”

AB: “Our new logo represents not only the synergy between our four practice areas – compounding, fertility, specialty drugs and retail – but also our expansion of services to be known as a complete pharmacy solution provider. It also helps better portray how SMP acts as the liaison between the patient, doctor’s office, drug manufacturer and insurance provider, creating healthier patients by ensuring the receipt of the right medications, on time, while decreasing their out-of-pocket expenses.”

CNews: “That’s very interesting, and not every day you hear about that sort of dedication.”

CNews: “But I have to ask, “What differentiates your company from the commercial pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens?

AB: We offer the same copays, accept the same insurances and carry the same medications. In addition, we offer delivery, copay savings programs, specialty pharmacy solutions. One of the programs that we are especially proud of is our Easy Meds Program (medication sync program) that allows our customers to schedule refills to arrive before they run out, on time every time. Our mission is to redefine the pharmacy experience by offering personalized service and going the extra mile to ensure a healthier patient experience.

CNews: But does that give you more flexibility as a company as a result?

AB: Well, I can say we are more nimble than the large national pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS because we are able to adapt quicker to the ever changing healthcare environment. Our specialized teams tend to develop a stronger rapport with the community, both providers and patients, resulting in better patient outcomes.

CNews: “So what are the exact details of this new facility?”

AB: The new facility is 6,000 sq ft, similar to the building on US-1, but includes an extra-large space for patient services and larger shipping/delivery room. Housing the fertility and compounding divisions of the company, the new location will specialize in the delivery and shipping of these medications to patients across 31 states. The existing location on US-1 will continue to focus on community pharmacy and chronic disease management programs.

CNews: “How do you think your customers and clients feel about this expansion?”

AB: “The preliminary feedback has been phenomenal. Essentially, we have two facilities that specialize in very specific patient populations. Yet both facilities operate on the same technology platform and provide a seamless and complete pharmacy solution for patients, healthcare providers, health plans and pharmaceutical companies.

CNews: With this new expansion, what do you hope to gain outside of becoming a company that serves its community better?

AB: Our goal is to provide specialized patient attention within each of our pharmacy divisions: Community/retail, Fertility, Specialty drugs and Compounding. These state-of-the-art facilities were designed to create healthier patients by supporting individual patient and prescriber needs across the country.

CNews: As a company that competes with the national pharmacy chains, how did you manage to address your national presence out of 2 locations, compared to the 20 or more other large independent pharmacies?

AB: We learned early on that there is an incredible synergy between our leadership and efficiency when we keep the patient-specific operations under one roof. Instead of opening multiple locations across the country, we have allocated various resources to be able to provide strong delivery and shipping departments to support these locations.

CNews: Well, there are a lot of high hopes for you and your company, but on our end we wish you the best. Thank you for taking some of your time to talk to us.

AB: Thank you for listening, I’m glad I was able to share about our exciting rebrand and continued growth as a national specialty pharmacy.

By the end of the interview, we here at Community Newspapers learned a lot about the values of SMP Pharmacy Solutions.

They serve their community well as a Pharmacist-owned and operated company. As SMP’s patient-first philosophy is rooted in the company’s commitment to being a trusted healthcare partner for both physicians and patients alike. SMP Pharmacy is growing, not relocating, as their expansion into a state-of-the-art second location will allow them to provide even more efficient, organized and exceptional service which has also earned them several awards: Pharmacies to Watch by Drug Topics in 2007, Inc. 5000 fastest growing healthcare companies over the last 7 years, and South Florida Business Journal 2016’s Best Places to Work,

But for more information on the company itself, visit and their location on 6050 South Dixie Highway Miami, Florida 33143.

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