Speakfridays: A diverse mix of art, music, spoken word and culture

Every Friday night, a group of amazing individuals gathers in the Bird Road Art District to bring their unique talents together. A few weeks back, I experienced Speakfridays for myself and was completely blown away. I had heard a few local performers mention this venue so I wanted to see what it was all about. As I walk towards the front door, I notice a few people socializing outside but it was not until the door opened that I felt the positive vibe and great tunes coming from inside. The venue has a small stage surrounded by chairs and couches allowing the audience to be up close to each performer.

Robert Lee, Event Organizer and MC

Robert Lee, Event Organizer and MC

That night, the atmosphere was vibrant from the beginning and it was great to see how people connected through art, music and comedy. Immediately when Robert Lee, the event organizer and MC, grabbed the microphone, my eyes and ears were wide open and most importantly my stress and worries were left outside. Robert repeatedly encouraged the artists to speak and express their thoughts without worry of being judged.

Speakfridays at Inner Look features local and national talent every week. That evening, they featured several amazing musicians, hilarious comics and unbelievable poets. The special guest came all the way from St. Louis, Poet Louis ConPhliction, who amazed everyone in attendance. His cool style and unique pieces not only made people sing along but also put smiles on everyone’s faces. As a first timer in attendance, I was very impressed and looking forward to returning.

Robert and Louis ConPhliction

Robert and Louis ConPhliction

Some of the featured artists that followed Louis ConPhliction included, EREK the Dreaded, Live Body Painting by Cynthia Fleischmann, Marcus Blake and The 3rd Party Band. If you are looking to experience culture and live entertainment then Speakfridays is the place to be. Every Friday night starting at 9pm at Inner Look in the Bird Road Art District you will have an opportunity to meet great individuals and enjoy live performances. Be ready to be moved and inspired!

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/SPEAKFRIDAYSIL or contact Speakfridays@gmail.com

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