Spring into fitness!

somiSpring is here, and summer is just around the corner. At this time of year, many of our clients want to re-commit to get fit. Read below to find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we get this time of year:

1) What are some fun ways that we can spring into fitness this season? With the days getting longer and warmer, a great way to “spring into fitness” is to spend more time being active outside.

If you are new to fitness, start by taking a daily short walk. You may gradually increase the length of your walk, or even start jogging. Biking, swimming, playing with the kids at the park in the early evening or walking the dog are also great ways to enjoy the longer days, while getting fitness rewards.

If you’re already used to working out, try something new. Sign up for a running group or try a new class to challenge your body with something you haven’t tried before. Spring is a great time for new beginnings. If fitness was part of your new year’s resolution, and you have been active for the past few months, now may be a great time to switch it up and try a new activity as your body will be ready for a greater challenge.

Unni Greene and Willie Del Sol

Unni Greene and William Del Sol

Spring is so motivating for us to get fit, because it’s close to summer when we know we will soon shed some of our layers of clothing and we all want to look the best possible. To enjoy results by summer, now is the time to get started.

2) What are important things to consider before kicking off a new training routine? If you are new to exercising, the first thing to do is to consult your physician. When you have clearance, you pick something that you like to do. If you love being outdoors, do those kinds of activities. If the outdoor is not your favorite place to be active, consider joining a new class such as spinning or kickboxing which both torch calories while getting you conditioned and toned.

Make sure to ease your way into fitness and make sure that you support your new fitness routine with a proper meal plan and supplementation. You cannot “out train” a bad diet, so if you are not sure how to eat for fitness or fat loss, you may want to hire a professional to help you. Diet is 80% of how you look and how you progress, so make sure to get on a good meal plan.

Start your new routine slowly and build up gradually. Safety always comes first. Listen to your body. If something hurts or feels uncomfortable, don’t do it.

Incremental gains will be the best way to go. Nothing happens overnight, so you have to be patient. You will get in shape, but it takes time. The saying goes that in just 4 weeks of activity you will feel better, sleep better and have more energy. In 8 weeks you will start to see results in the mirror, and in 12 weeks, people around you will take notice and start to ask you what you are doing!

If you are unsure how to work out, consider hiring a trainer or join a group class if you are motivate by the company of others. You can also try some of the popular new DVD fitness programs or apps that are now flooding the market, but make sure to adhere to safety recommendations and always use proper form.

3) How can we stay motivated and stick with a fitness routine throughout the spring? The way to stay motivated is to keep a record of your progress. Remember, summer, and less clothing is just around the corner.

2Measure your progress with pictures. Always take that “before” picture, so you know where you started. You see yourself every day, so it is difficult to see progress in the mirror. With pictur

Set incremental performance goals as opposed to outcome goal. A performance goal is a specific activity that you will do, such as “do cardio for 30 minutes three days a week”. An outcome goal is to “lose 10 lbs”. By following your performance goals, you will reach your outcome goals.es you will be able to see the changes that are taking shape. Take progress pictures at regular intervals and compare to your older photos to really measure your success. This is very motivating and helps you stick to your new routine.

Break down your goals into increments, rather than setting huge goals that can become overwhelming. For instance, if you have to lose 50 lbs. or more, the best way to attack it, is to break it down into smaller goals, such as 1-2 lbs. of fat loss per week. Make a vision board of pictures and words that you know motivate you, and look at it every day, for a visual reminder. Plan rewards for each incremental goal met, such as a manicure, a facial, or maybe a new outfit.

4) What are some ways to track fitness progress? Some ways to track your progress is by measurements such as weight and body composition as well as endurance and strength gains which you will notice in how much you can lift it how far you can run or walk before you get tired.

Body composition measurements are a much better indicator of progress, rather than just your weight. You may not notice a big drop on the scale, as you build muscle and lose fat. If you just look at the scale you may lose motivation. This happens to some of my clients, and when I do their body composition, measuring body fat and lean mass, they usually get excited to see that they are indeed losing FAT. Hire a professional to do your body composition testing or buy inexpensive calipers to do at-home testing.

Another way to measure your success is by keeping a journal. Studies show that people who write down their goals as well as their daily eating and exercise habits do better than people who don’t. When you keep track, you can look back, and see how you are making better choices, and how your fitness is impacting all areas of your life.

5) What are some keys to fitness success? To succeed you must realize that what counts is PERSISTENCE not Perfection.

No one is perfect but you can always be PERSISTENT!

Just as important as it is to train or being active on a regular schedule, you must be careful NOT to over train. Overtraining has very negative consequences. To succeed in fitness you have to balance your training with rest and repair. For you to succeed, it is also important to challenge your body. You have to change something in your routine, every 6-8 weeks or so, to keep your muscles adapting to new demands. If you notice that your workout is becoming easy, it is time to change up some aspect such as intensity, frequency, duration or load. This will ensure that you never stagnate and stop making progress.

Make your workout a solid appointment that you can’t break just like any other important appointment. Enlist the support of family and friends. It is so important to have a support system in place. Explain to your significant other how important this is to you and tell them you need their support. Even well-meaning friend may inadvertently undermine you so it’s important to stay strong and surround yourself with supportive people.3

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