Team FootWorks does it again, Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run, a success

By Raquel Garcia….

The 2011 Mercedes- Benz Corporate Run in Downtown Miami starting line

For over 26 years Hans and Laurie Huseby have been guiding the South Florida professional community on how to get their foot in the fitness door through Team FootWorks’ annual Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run series.

The Mercedes-Benz Run has gone from a handful of companies at its inception to 620 firms participating this year with well over 20,000 individuals running and walking their way to fitness at the April 28 event. Baptist Hospital alone had over 2,500 participants with the University of Miami accounting for 300 runners.

“For one night employees come together and forget their woes and workplace challenges. Everyone is so excited to be representing their company, it’s kind of a magical event,” said organization founder Laurie Huseby.

“Nowadays the Run continues to be a starting point for people who want to get into fitness. The company is doing it and the boss is paying for it. People get so charged up they start their own fitness program,” she added.

As owners of FootWorks on Sunset Drive, the Husebys have been in the fitness business for over 38 years, serving clients interested in beginning a lifestyle program or enhancing and expanding a current regimen.

“Fitness today is an important part of the corporate culture,” said Hans Huseby. “It’s looked upon as a strong asset and in the workplace a little fitness goes a long way.”

“A healthy employee makes for a healthy company.”

Encouraging beginners to get out and regain a sense of control over their lives with regular exercise, Huseby explained that when “you start eating a little better and sleeping better, little things begin to happen and before you know it, you feel and look better,”’

“The 2011 Corporate Run is infectious,” adds Josh Liebman, a coordinator for FootWorks training. “The energy and synergy on running day is awesome. Now, participants need only work on translating that running energy enthusiasm from a one-day annual event to a daily workout routine.”

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