Former Mayor Feliu, an Ancient Astronaut Theorist? The Nativity Conspiracy

the nativity conspiracy book signing[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is not every day that a former Mayor admits that he believes in extraterrestrials let alone pens a controversial novel that has already riled up many leaders of the Christian faith.

In his novel, The Nativity Conspiracy, Feliu agrees with the Catholic doctrine of the virgin birth of Christ…. exactly how and by whom, is the difference.

Feliu’s website,, which he officially unveiled this week, has been an instant success and consequently has led this writer to read his spellbinding work and ask the former Mayor turned author a couple of questions….

What made you decide to reach such a stunning conclusion in your novel?

“Back in the 70’s, a short time after I graduated high school, I read a book titled, Chariots of the Gods, by Erich von Däniken. Däniken raised questions and provided actual illustrations with logical interpretations of ancient cave drawings, artifacts and other interesting landmarks which were hard to dispel. Having studied the Bible during my Catholic upbringing, I began to see the virgin birth of Christ along with the star, which the three wise men followed, differently.  As a result, The Nativity Conspiracy does not tap dance around the subject which has been the case up until now.”

I asked Feliu another question which came to mind….The Nativity of Jesus Christ is a delicate subject…What kind of problems has your novel caused you?

“Aside from a couple of anonymous death threats, one of which I forwarded to the F.B.I., I have noticed people that I thought were friends, even members of my own family, no longer wanting to associate themselves with me. It is easy to see how religion blinds people to the point where they go against the very religion that they are supposedly defending. Didn’t Jesus himself turn the other cheek? To be an advanced civilization, we have to live by the words of a man that was born of an advanced being. It is my belief that The Nativity Conspiracy reveals what the Church already knows.”

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