Train hard at Newton’s Law of Fitness

By Nancy Eagleton….

Chris Newton, owner of Newton’s Law of Fitness

At Newton’s Law of Fitness in South Miami, the laws of Sir Isaac Newton ring true – a body in motion stays in motion. To owner Chris Newton, fitness is a science and knowledge is power. He has trained athletes for 16 years, 13 of those years in the South Miami area. Newton applies his knowledge of how the body moves and how it works to create unique fitness challenges that improve health, increase strength and endurance, and stretch even the most hard core fitness junkies.

Newton brings to his new center nine years of education that include a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Florida International University and certifications as a personal trainer (NSCA), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and RKC Level II (Russian Kettlebell) instructor. He is an American Kenpo Blackbelt and boxing and kickboxer practitioner and instructor.

Newton’s Law is not your typical gym. There is no membership, initiation fee or annual contract.  At the Russian Kettlebell Challenge facility within the gym, Newton and his team of experienced and nationally certified trainers specialize in developing functional strength. In other words, each training session requires the body to work as a whole unit, instead of working just a single element.

“These workouts take focus because the movements are your own. You’re not depending on a machine to guide your movement,” said Newton. “You have to empty your mind, focus on your workout and work hard.”

Private and semi-private training sessions at Newton’s Law are offered a la carte, six days a week, mornings and early evenings. Sessions include kettlebells, clubbells, battle ropes, suspension training, mixed Martial Arts, boxing, Ashtanga Yoga, indoor rowing, cycling, running, and outdoor fitness challenges.

New clients at Newton’s Law will learn how to properly perform the kettlebell swing to reduce fat and the Turkish Get Up to build core strength. When it comes to battle ropes, Newton says “the battle is within.” Battle ropes take strength and conditioning to a whole new level. Suspension training is the ultimate test of Newton’s Law of Gravity – “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” A system of suspension belts leverages body weight, allowing versatility of movement that strengthens the core and improves balance.

Six months after opening the 3,200 square-feet training facility, Newton is launching a new Newton’s Method class which he describes as “cardio to the third power.” This triathlon of physical challenges includes a combination of indoor cycling and rowing sessions followed by a circuit of athletic floor work and muscular endurance drills using battle ropes, medicine balls and more.

“No routine will be exactly the same because the body and the mind need to be challenged,” said Newton. “You will not be bored; you will be motivated and you will be challenged. Even in small groups, these sessions are like personal training sessions because we can tweak an exercise or movement to challenge seasoned athletes or beginners.”

Newton’s Law of Fitness is located at 7150 SW 62 Avenue and the phone number is 305-667-7779. For more information and to see videos of the trainers and classes in action, visit

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