World-renowned surgeon leads Center for Advanced Orthopedics at Larkin

Medical Director Carlos Lavernia, M.D., and the team at the Center for Advanced Orthopedics at Larkin perform cutting- edge hip and knee replacement surgery.

Medical Director Carlos Lavernia, M.D., and the team at the Center for Advanced Orthopedics at Larkin perform cutting- edge hip and knee replacement surgery.

The Center for Advanced Orthopedics at Larkin recently opened on the sixth floor in One 7000 Place, located across from Larkin Community Hospital in South Miami. The new 12,000-square foot state-of-the-art Center is led by Medical Director Carlos Lavernia, M.D., an internationally-recognized orthopedic surgeon who specializes in arthroplasty of the hip and knee.

Dr. Lavernia’s groundbreaking advancements in hip and knee replacement surgery are attracting people from around the world who are coming to South Miami seeking treatment to relieve pain and increase mobility.

Dr. Lavernia is the only orthopedic surgeon in Miami-Dade County currently performing robotic MAKOplasty® Total Hip Arthroplasty, a hip replacement procedure that is supported by the RIO® Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System. Dr. Lavernia helped develop the software for this innovative robotic system designed for patients who suffer from degenerative joint disease.

“This robotic system is the next generation of surgical precision,” said Dr. Lavernia. “Other systems utilize 2-D technology. The RIO technology provides surgeons with a 3-D model to better plan the hip replacement. During the procedure, real-time images and data assist surgeons with preparing the hip joint and positioning the implant with more accuracy.”

Increased precision means excellent outcomes for patients. Pain is relieved, mobility is restored and patients return to a more active lifestyle. The Center for Advanced Orthopedics offers comprehensive programs in all areas of orthopedics, addressing each aspect of patient care from initial consultation, diagnosis and treatment through recovery. The multidisciplinary team of board certified orthopedic surgeons, physician assistants, nurses, technicians and physical therapists provide patients with superb care.

High-tech diagnostic tools used at the Center include MRI, X-ray, CT scan as well as tomosynthesis – diagnostic imaging technology that offers high-image quality at low radiation exposure. The Center is the only facility in South Florida using tomography scan in the field of orthopedics.

Before a patient becomes a surgical candidate, the Center’s highly-skilled team looks to non-surgical therapies to treat various musculoskeletal conditions. Among these are behavior modification, joint supplements, anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, hyaluronic acid injections and physical therapy.

“Our 2,000-square foot rehabilitation center has all of the latest equipment,” Dr. Lavernia said.

The Center’s physical therapists develop personalized plans that address patients’ specific deficiencies and help them restore strength and range of motion. “After surgery, it is critical that physical therapy is guided by a trained therapist,” he added.

Dr. Lavernia has more than 30 years of experience in the orthopedics field. He is involved in an active, high-profile research program, which directly benefits patients. Surgeons who conduct research utilize the findings to positively influence the delivery of care.

“We are following more than 6,000 patients to determine their quality of life before and after surgical and other treatments,” said Dr. Lavernia. “We look at readmissions after surgery, and we have one of the best rates in the state.”

The Center for Advanced Orthopedics at Larkin is a welcome addition to the 30 premiere medical professionals in One 7000 Place who provide the community with healthcare services in a variety of specialties.

“Patients benefit from the breadth of medical specialties offered in this building,” said Dr. Lavernia. “They enjoy the convenient location and the close proximity to the hospital.” Patients will find modern amenities and conveniences throughout the building, including a newly renovated lobby and elevators and covered parking that connects to each floor of the building.

The Center for Advanced Orthopedics at Larkin is located at 7000 SW 62 Avenue, Suite 601. For more information, call 305-917-0777 or visit <>.

For more information on One 7000 Place, managed by Healthcare Realty, Inc., contact Wayne E. Stringer, president, Stringer Realty Services, Inc., at 305-772-2801.

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