Wrinkles, wrinkles go away

I am concerned. I had my eyes done approximately four weeks ago and now I have more wrinkles than ever! Is there any solution to this problem? My doctor tells me that this will go away. Is he telling me the truth?

Your doctor is telling you the truth. This is one of those times when pre-op explanations are so important. Oftentimes, patients are given a full explanation of surgery results and expectations, but they tend to forget some of the details. In addition, patients are given pre-op literature about their surgery and what they should expect after the procedure, but they don’t read the materials. It is very important that patients listen to their doctor and read all the paperwork so that there are no “surprises.”

I often tell my patients who have eye surgery that approximately four weeks following the procedure, their lower eyelid skin will appear to have more wrinkles than before the surgery. This is because fat has been removed from the lower eyelid and as the skin is contracting and tightening the skin will appear to be more wrinkled. Two weeks later, the skin will relax and many of those wrinkles will go way over the next several months. This is a normal process of healing after eye surgery.

When considering cosmetic surgery of the eyes, it is crucial that you choose a physician who is well versed and experienced with the procedure. Because there are many complications that can arise, choosing a Board-certified facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon or ocular plastic surgeon is imperative. You should ask your doctor about experience and if he or she frequently performs eye surgery. Your doctor should show you patient before and after pictures. It is important that when eye surgery is performed that the normal shape and expression of the eyes remain unchanged.

Be patient as your wrinkles should go away.

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