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 Teoana Banton qualifies for the Junior Olympics

Schedule for July 22nd-August 3rd 2014 in De Moines Iowa

Teoana Banton
Teoana Banton

Miami’s very own, Teoana Banton plans to bring home the Gold when she runs in the USA Olympics when she is older, but first she plans to run circles around her opponents at this year’s Junior Olympics being held in De Moines Iowa on July 24th thru August 3rd.

Born in Miami on February 14, 2004, Teoana lives with her single mother in Miramar Florida and attends Crestview Elementary School where she is an academically impressive and popular student. She joined Ultimate Track Club in November of 2012. Less than a year later she was ranked number 1 in the State of Florida and Number 2 in the entire United States of America!

‘’She is a natural! ‘’ says her coach, Franklin Allen. He adds ‘’ I have seen many young runners as a coach, both girls and boys but Teoana is something special. Miami just may have given birth to the next Florence Griffith Joyner!’’

Teoana also competed in the Junior Olympics in 2913, there she won the Silver Medal for the 100M race and scored 4th Place in the 200M.

At the tender age of just 10 years old and only in the 2nd year of her running career, the second fastest 10 year old in the USA is seeking Miami’s help to make her Olympic dreams come true.

‘’ It’s just been me and my mom, doing cake sales and a fish fry to help raise the funds for me to go to Iowa to compete in the Junior Olympics, but we hardly made a dent in what is needed and time is running out. I need uniforms, sneakers, sweat suits and lots of other items as well as funds to qualify and for my mom and me to stay in Iowa. I want everyone to know that I plan to be the FASTEST 10 year in the USA and I’m bringing the GOLD back to Miami but I need help getting there’’ says Teoana.

Anyone looking to help Teoana Banton or schedule an interview with her and her mother, please contract at Tandy Weems at 786.768.6751 or email her at makeithappenent11@gmail.com

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  1. i go to school with her we r friends

  2. me and teoana go to school together she with the cool squad

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