Wednesday , 10 February 2016

16 DB Karate School students win 24 Medals at the USA Karate Nationals 2012

The greatest accomplishment a karate athlete can achieve in USA is to be awarded medals at the Karate Nationals. This year the competition was held at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center.

Sixteen athletes trained very hard for about 4 hours every day for a chance to claim to be the very best of USA. They are very excited to have the dream that when they are old enough, they can represent their country at the Pan American Games, World Championships, and hopefully soon at the Olympics in 2020. They know that is a big dream but are sure they are on the right path!

These athletes are very focused and committed to their karate career. They feel that they are not only becoming elite athletes but they are also learning the great values of karate like discipline, respect, honor, self control, selfdefense. At DB Karate School located at 17070 Collins Ave. Suite 258 in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. They work hard in keeping the roots of karate and traditions.


• Jordana Borges: Gold in kata (forms), Gold in team kata, Gold in kumite (sparring), Silver in okinanwan kata.

• Gabriela Corvalan: Gold in kata, Gold in kumite, Silver in okinawan kata

• Mateus Borges: Gold in kumite, Gold in team kata, Bronze in kata, Bronze in okinawan kata.

• Anthony Ortiz: Gold in team kata, Silver in kata.

• Zarif Ramazanov: Gold in okinawan kata, Bronze in kata.

• Madison Paez: Gold in team kata, Bronze in kata.

• Sebastian Arenas: Gold in team kata, Bronze in kata.

• Elia Markman: Gold in kata.

• Hanna Markman: Gold in team kata.

• Maria Cerdan: Silver in kumite, Bronze in kata.

• Leandro Santos: Silver in okinawan kata, Bronze in kata.

• Martina Lujan: Bronze in kata, Bronze in kumite.

• Tommy Epstein: Bronze in kumite

• Richie Epstein: 5th place kata

• Mishell Shamis: 5th place kata

• Ilona Letushko: Participated

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