Degrees of Separation?

Julia Yarbough

Congratulations are in order to the Miami Beach Chamber for presenting yet another fabulous Gala event. By a chance occurrence, I was seated next to a wonderful woman who used to live in Louisville, Kentucky and she quickly recognized and remembered me from my years (1990- 1993) as a news reporter in Louisville. Wow – what a small and inter-connected world!

That incident got me thinking about my recent trip to Nairobi, Kenya and the incredible individuals I met, especially the women. My work to produce a video about the GE Solar Powered Water Kiosk Solution by The HabiHut took me to Africa for what turned out to be an enlightening experience. The HabiHut, installed in one of the city’s slums, is a project which is training women to use the water filtration system inside The HabiHut, giving the women access to clean, safe drinking water. The program is also providing them with practical business training. The women will be able to sell the filtered water, providing them with a much- needed source of income.

What impressed me most about these women? Well, for starters these ladies are faced with living conditions most of us could never even comprehend! No electricity, no running water and in many cases, make-shift homes with mud and dirt flooring. Yet, despite this reality, the women I met possessed a positive spirit and attitude. Each day we were greeted with warm smiles, heartfelt hugs and a genuine enthusiasm to be involved with The HabiHut project. One woman, Mary, told me she had suffered typhoid four times and somehow, she still had a positive disposition!

And just when I thought my admiration for my new Kenyan sisters couldn’t increase, I learned more about a companion business program called the New Tuenedelee Women Group. A handful of ladies are producing wares to sell for profit. The collection includes hand- made jewelry, beaded baskets, greeting cards, silk wraps, aprons and quilted ladies’ hand bags. In honor of the perseverance of these women, I have challenged myself to help bring their products to a larger, world-connected audience. This is a shameless plug, but contact me for information on how to order items direct from the amazing women in Nairobi!

It truly is a small and inter-connected world and I am honored to help make even more connections!

A multiple Emmy Award winning Anchor and Reporter, Julia Yarbough is a national blogger, motivational speaker, hostess, travel addict and health & fitness enthusiast. To follow Julia’s quirky new reality of life as she continues to navigate the sometimes rocky road of relationships, check out Julia can be reached at for press and booking inquiries.

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