Fifteen Favorite Things

Sunny Isles Beach is celebrating its 15th anniversary – so it’s the perfect time to list “fifteen favorite things” everyone loves most about life in the city…

1: Real Oceanfront Dining: Where else but Sunny Isles Beach could you have lunch or dinner not just with an ocean view – but literally steps from the ocean! The “Bella” Trump resort dining experience is certainly a favorite choice for anyone who really loves surf and turf!

2: Ribs and Resolutions: Having a Tony Roma’s right next door to Sunny Isles Beach Government Center is another favorite perk – especially during exceptionally long City Commission meetings when you can tell where some people have gone during break times when they come back with barbecue sauce on their face.

3: Lush Landscaping: The swaying palms in the medians along Collins Avenue are a favorite beautification enhancement really appreciated by motorists who no longer have to worry so much about jaywalking pedestrians trying to run across the street and present the ultimate challenge to anti-lock braking systems.

4-8: Strong Leaders: Five civic minded people serving on the Sunny Isles Beach City Commission account for five favorite reasons why the city is run so well: Mayor Norman Edelcup, Vice Mayor Lewis Thaler, Commissioner George “Bud” Scholl, Commissioner Jeanette Gatto and Commissioner Isaac Aelion…Let’s hope none are ever recruited to be the runningmate for a presidential candidate in need of good advice!

9-12: Park Place: Green open space is a favorite amenity in Sunny Isles Beach thanks to the plethora of city parks including Pelican Park, Town Center Park, Heritage Park and Samson Oceanfront Park…And now that even more parks will soon be gracing the south end of the city, don’t be surprised if a major league baseball team makes a bid to share the space in return for installing a retractable roof, concession stands and plenty of parking spaces!

13: Free Transportation: If shopping is your hobby, the Sunny Isles Beach shuttle bus fleet could be your favorite means of transportation – especially since the buses are big enough to fit all those boxes of new shoes!

14: Fun in the Sun: The city’s Cultural and Human Services Department is always planning a great variety of activities and programs for the whole community to enjoy – but of course, the biggest turnouts are always when the event features everyone’s favorite free food!

15: Free Wi-Fi: For residents and visitors addicted to social media sites, free Wi-Fi in city parks is a favorite bonus – so in return for the complimentary connection, the City Commission should make it mandatory for everyone online to update their status to read “Loving life in Sunny Isles Beach, Celebrating 15 Years of Success – Wish You Were Here!!”

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