Frat Party with a Purpose

What comes to mind when someone says “Frat Party?” If you’re like most people, you may conjure up images of rowdy latenight bashes in which frat boys and sorority girls are drinking, partying and ultimately trashing said party house. At least that is the image Hollywood would have us believe.

Well, recently I attended a frat party – of sorts…and I am proud to say it was NOTHING like those created for the big screen.

In this case, a handful of frat brothers of South Florida’s Alpha Phi Alpha came together to party with a purpose. Hosting the first annual White Party, the Alphas teamed up with local charity, Kids in Distress. The organization serves children and families in need in our community; filling the economic, social and emotional gaps which unfortunately exist for far too many youngsters here in South Florida.

A swanky, classy affair which began the moment the valet staff whisked away our cars, guests were treated to perhaps one of the most chic frat parties to date. There were no beer-kegs anywhere or college boys jumping into pools fully clothed.

There were no stragglers laying drunk on the front lawn. There was no one hanging from a second floor balcony vomiting on the people below. There was however, live music by saxophonist Randy Corinthian, upscale silent auction items, delectable food presented by the students of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary arts and a top notch South Florida view of the ocean from the private home of a Broward supporter. What fun to be on hand serving as guest host and to see dozens of guests enjoying a night of music, food, friendship and community service!

The success of this frat party should come as no surprise. Founded in 1906, by African American students at Cornell University determined to build a buffer against racial injustice, the fraternity of Alpha Phi Alpha has a motto that sets the pace for what the frat brothers of today continue to do: Develop leaders, promote brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities.

I would say Alpha Phi Alpha founding fathers would be proud! The event raised approximately $8,000, with proceeds going directly to Kids in Distress! I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking THAT’S the kind of frat party Hollywood should be depicting!

A multiple Emmy-Award winning Anchor and Reporter, Julia Yarbough is a national blogger, motivational speaker, emcee/hostess, entrepreneur, travel writer and health & fitness enthusiast. Follow Julia’s reality-blog at To have Julia appear at your next event, contact

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