The Grand Opening of Artourage Galleries in Surfside, Featuring the art of David Banegas

Owner/ Director, Ronny Lustigman announced today that he will be opening the Artourage Gallery in Surfside. He is opening the gallery with artists David Banegas.

Banegas is an international artist known for his pop imagery and colorful abstract paintings. David Banegas is gaining momentum and much attention and is the founding artists of the gallery. A native of Bolivia, Banegas’s abstract series of pop icons were chosen because of his vibrant approach. Banegas a lifetime artist, is a prolific artist, selling over a 1000 paintings. We are pleased to announce Artourage will be a permanent stage for his beautiful creations and a Banegas home gallery . At the opening event you will be able to meet him in person. Pls Join him for a little whine and cheese at our grand opening.

Also we will have supporting artist David Bercovicz/rico1 a local South FL street artist at Artourage. Bercovicz will be doing collaborations with Banegas and show casing a few pieces in the gallery.

David BanegasArtourage is an elegant gallery with a focus on excellence in arts. It is the only way for the owner Ronny Lustigman to do it. He cares about the culture and promotion of beautiful art, art that will reflect good energy into the home or business of its owner. He understands that Miami is now a leading city in the arts.

The opening of our gallery December 1, 2014 is in time with the biggest art show in the world “Art Bazel”. We are located away from most of the noise in a very beautiful area of Miami. After you are done with the pop up galleries, come take a look at our beautiful brick and mortar location that is invested in this town year round. The opening exhibition “We Are Artourage” will be a selection from the collective collection of our founding artists Banegas. Showing from December 1 until March 30th 2015.

The gallery will soon have announcements on their upcoming exhibitions and showcases. Artourage Galleries is located at 9458 Harding Avenue, Surfside Fl 33154. They are open daily from 10:30 AM to close – Tel. 1-305-528-2252

About Director Ronny Lustigman
Ronny Lustigman is a native of Denver , Co His love and passion for the arts has been a lifelong journey and while not a traditional artist himself Ronny has a true love for the arts and is a major supporter of the culture. He has a great eye for bringing professional artists on the verge of major success to the “Next Level”. For more info on the Gallery… our website can be found at:

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