Hometown heroes honor and serve our military heroes

Arnold Schulman’s SIB Military Room Makeover for Dania Beach Design District, after picture.

I had never met Arnold Schulman of the Schulman Design Group. I had never met Leslie Loewenthal of the Loewenthal Agency either. But together, along with the additional efforts and generosity of the Dania Beach Design District, they all soon became “fan favorites” of mine. These wonderful people, described as compassionate, caring, generous and honorable, made a huge difference in the lives of military returns thru the Military Room Makeover Program. I was introduced to the group by the Vice- Mayor of Sunny Isles Beach, Lewis Thaler.

When Lew contacted me I was delighted to become the point man for our city and help select a most deserving war veteran hero. Our selection was Jason Recio, a current Coral Gables Police Officer who served in Iraq and was critically injured when his unit came under enemy fire. He survived and nothing would stop his determined drive to return home to his adoring wife and children AND to complete his dream of becoming a police officer. Jason Recio was awarded the Purple Heart by our country.

But now for the Rest of the Story! The following is the story behind Jason’s recognition thru the Military Room Makeover and the OTHER HEROES who made it happen. At the end of this story, please view the photos of before and after to get an amazing look at just what went into this project by Mr. Schulman and others. The time, talent, resources and services are just incredible. Is it any wonder why Mr. Schulman, Leslie and all associated with the Dania Beach Design District have a Special place in our hearts? Even the Recio family was speechless as to the final product and the sheer beauty of the final design. What better way to welcome the newest addition to their family as well as they recently had their 3rd child. The following is article ALL you need to know about Our Newest Friends who recognized one of our own; military hero and community hero. And yes, in our eyes, you are our Heroes and Thank You!


Jason Recio was selected by the City of Sunny Isles Beach to receive a free “Room Makeover.” The bi-county Military Room Makeover Program organized by the Dania Beach Design District has 9 participating South FL Chambers of Commerce, cities and organizations. Each selected a veteran to represent their group to receive a FREE Room Makeover. Nine prominent interior designers were selected to donate their time, services and resources to make a veteran’s dream room come true. The Military Room Makeover Program was created to honor veterans for protecting our freedom and serving our country.

The City of Sunny Isles Beach selected Jason Recio to be their honored veteran for his impeccable service record and for his commitment to helping returning veterans. He served our country proudly while stationed in Ramadii Iraq where he was wounded. He is a Purple Heart Award recipient and currently serves as a Police Officer. One of Jason’s passions is using his resources to aid returning veterans. He is helping to establish a link between the Criminal Court System and the VAto assist returning veterans suffering with (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome due to their service for our country.

Arnold Schulman of Arnold Schulman Design Group was selected as the Designer to represent the City of Sunny Isles Beach for the Military Room Makeover Program. Upon meeting the City of Sunny Isles Beach veteran Jason Recio and wife Patricia, Designer Arnold Schulman learned many things about their desires for their Military Room Makeover. The couple selected to have their master bedroom designed. Jason’s wife Patricia shared that their home had a family history so Designer Arnold Schulman and family decided that it was finally time to make the home’s history their own. Arnold requested that the couple complete a client survey to get a better idea of what they wanted to accomplish with their new bedroom design. The overall theme they wanted was “Relaxing.” Arnold Schulman Design Group accomplished their objectives for their new bedroom design by using calm hues, rich wood furniture, and detail moldings to create framed areas on the walls.

Previous construction left the master bedroom with a leak from the outside that began to warp the floor boards. Arnold’s General Contractor, Built by Owner fixed the leak, finished the walls, added door frames, transformed their door entrance, added new base boards and new crown moldings to compliment the look the clients wanted. Arnold designed a beautiful custom made headboard, bed and bedding ensemble based on the colors requested by the couple. He selected furniture to accommodate their space, taste and needs. A new contemporary shag rug was the finishing touch that added softness and luxury to their new sophisticated and relaxing master suite!

The couple was thrilled and Designer Arnold Schulman said, “It’s an honor to give back to such a delightful and deserving couple. It’s also an honor to be selected by the Dania Beach Design District and the City of Sunny Isles Beach for the Military Room Makeover Program that honors so many deserving veterans. Many generous donors stepped forward to help us complete an extraordinary room for the Sunny Isles Beach veteran.

We’d like to recognize Built by Owner, Custom Millwork of Florida, Wasser’s Exclusive Furniture & Interiors, Destinctive Logistics Group, Fantastic Finishes, Sutton Drapery, Vintage Floors & Interiors, International Design Services, Designer Services Group, Mark Vitali Inc.,De Matters, Designer Discount Fabrics and our firm Arnold Schulman Design Group and for contributing to the beautiful room makeover.” Accolades go to Arnold Schulman Design Group for creating a spectacular environment for the City of Sunny Isles Beach Veteran that will be enjoyed for years to come. The Military Room Makeover project is valued at over $25,000.

For more information on the Interior Designer contact: Arnold Schulman Design Group, Inc. 305-405-4500.or visit the web at www.asdesigngroup.com

For more information on the Dania Beach Design District Military Room Makeover p rogram call: 954-822-1335 or email: info@daniabeachdesigndistrict.com. Or call: Leslie Loewenthal, Loewenthal Agency lloewen@aol.com

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