Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season begins June 1

The South Florida hurricane season begins on June 1 and ends November 30. Sunny Isles Beach is located in the Zone B floodplain where a hurricane may cause a storm surge, high winds, tornadoes, flooding, or loss of utility services.

Prior to hurricane season, residents who need assistance with daily living, medical needs, or specialized transportation must pre-register with the Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program. For applications call: Miami-Dade 311 (305.468.5900), TTY/TDD 305.468.5402. Individuals needing a pet-friendly Hurricane Evacuation Center (HEC) must also pre-register by calling 311. For each event the County will announce the HEC that accepts pets.

Residents should follow hurricane watches closely. Even if a hurricane warning or an evacuation order is not issued, City parks and beaches may be closed due to high winds. Residents should clear balconies and secure objects in the yard. The Miami-Dade County School Board will decide when to close the Norman S. Edelcup SIB K-8 School. When the public school is closed, the City’s After School Program will also be closed. The SIB Community Shuttle Bus service will stop running when sustained winds reach 30 mph. Information regarding City services will be most current on the web at and on social media.

Hurricane warnings are issued 36 hours in advance of anticipated tropical storm force winds. Residents and visitors must complete storm preparations and immediately evacuate if directed. A family should take a 72-hour supply of food, water, medications, and cash to purchase necessary items if the evacuation becomes extended.

If Miami-Dade County gives the order to evacuate Zone B, all visitors in hotels and residents in condos and single-family homes are required by Florida law to evacuate. There will be no emergency services available once the island is evacuated. Try to evacuate to the home of a friend or family member who lives outside of the evacuation zones. Use a Red Cross Hurricane Evacuation Center (HEC) only as a last resort. Hotel staff will assist their guests with other accommodations.

When an evacuation order is given, open Hurricane Evacuation Centers (HECs) will be listed on local radio, television stations and at Miami-Dade County Call Center at 311 or 305-468-5900, TTY/TDD 305-468- 5402. Every shelter may not be open for every event. The county provides free transportation to HECs from predetermined pickup locations in Sunny Isles Beach:
• Arlen House Condominiums, 158 Street & Collins Avenue
• Winston Towers, 100 & 400 Buildings on 174 Street
• Golden Shores Area, 189 Street & Collins Avenue
• Ocean View Condominiums, 19300 Collins Avenue

For the most up-to-date information when a storm approaches, tune in to local network news or listen to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio.

For non-emergency information dial 311 or 305-468-5900 for the Miami-Dade County Call Center, TTY/TDD 305-468- 5402.

SIB Hurricane Preparedness Information for construction sites:
SIB Building Department, 305-947-2150.
SIB Hurricane evacuation questions:
SIB Police Department 305-947-4440.
SIB Television, Atlantic Broadband Channel 77 or AT&T Channel 99 run “Hurricanes, be prepared” from June — November, daily at 2:00 pm.

Hurricane Guidelines on the web:
City of SIB,, or Miami-Dade County, or State of Florida,

Pick up a SIB Hurricane Brochure in the Government Center.

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