Husband-and-wife team Dr. Francisco Rodriguez and Dr. Diane Alvarez specialize in creating the art of the smile

Husband-and-wife team Dr. Francisco Rodriguez and Dr. Diane Alvarez specialize in creating the art of the smile

Dr. Diane Alvarez and husband Dr. Frank Rodriguez

With enough certifications and postgraduate degrees to form an entire team of first-class dentists, husband-and-wife duo Dr. Francisco Rodriguez and Dr. Diane Alvarez are on a mission to literally change the face of cosmetic dentistry. Based in Sunny Isles, Florida, the dynamic pair met while studying dentistry at NOVA Southeastern University, and have remained a loyal, dedicated team ever since.

Although Rodriguez began his career in humble surroundings working with near-primitive tools in Cuba, he and his wife have turned their Sedation Dentistry of Sunny Isles into a cutting-edge practice that has gained international attention.

Stemming from a long line of doctors and medical professionals, Rodriguez has built his career on the needs of others, ensuring that patients leave confident and overjoyed with their new, dazzling smile. With a fulfilling vocation always by their side, life has treated the sedation dentistry experts well, yet the humble doctor still views his own personal success by the satisfaction of each patient he has the pleasure to help—a beautiful smile is all the appreciation and gratitude he needs.

Sedation dentistry experts Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Alvarez were keen to sit down and answer questions about their path to success:

Dr. Rodriguez, why did you become a dentist?
Since most of my family is in the medical field, from medical doctors to nurses and beyond, it didn’t take long for me to develop a passion for it too. When it was time for me to make my own choice in regard to my specialty, I opted for dentistry because I believe the confidence that comes with a great smile is the touches many aspects of life including career, love and health of course. Both my wife and I see how a new smile affects people every day, literally transforming them right there on our dentist chair. We’re both honored to be a part of that process, through our sedation dentistry practice on a daily basis.

How does your experience benefit your patients?
In Cuba I worked in clinics with little to no supplies where my technique had to be nearly flawless, due to the circumstances. I was forced to do surgeries using the most basic equipment, relying on my skills, know-how and intuition which allowed me to perfect my technique.

Today, at Sedation Dentistry of Sunny Isles, I have all the technology I need, but I believe it’s my experience from tougher times in Cuba that differentiates me from other sedation dentistry experts. Now, I can truly offer my patients the elevated level of care they deserve, making my job very satisfying.

What role does technology play in your office?
The keyword is digital. From charts to x-rays to an instrument that calculates the exact color of teeth for crowns and bridgework, it’s all cutting-edge technology and state-of-the art dentistry equipment. Plus, when giving local anesthesia, we employ special devices that render the needle almost undetectable. Our sedation dentistry office is built with our patients’ comforts and needs in mind featuring dental chairs with built-in massage functions and flat screen TVs in every room. It’s important to both us that people feel welcomed and not intimidated when its time for a dental appointment.

What are your favorite procedures?
No matter the procedures, the end goal is always the same: assisting people with their dental health. Today the connection between teeth and cardiovascular health is widely known, so my wife Dr. Alvarez and I feel it’s our responsibility to continuously educate our patients, ensuring their overall health. However, nothing beats a patient seeing their reflection in the mirror and cracking a giant smile right after a cosmetic procedure. Instant gratification!

What is different about your clinic that may interest your patients?
Our goal has always been to make Sedation Dentistry of Miami a top dental clinic on an international level. From high-end European furnishings to leading-edge technology, we strive to make our patients comfortable and happy. Quality dentistry in a luxurious environment is my top priority.

How do you define success?
We take great pride in having a good reputation in our community. I don’t necessarily think that success is measured in dollars, but in how others see you. Our main goal in life, professionally speaking, is to provide an excellent service to our patients—sometimes that’s a procedure, sometimes it’s by answering their questions or addressing their concerns, while other times it’s simply providing a comfortable environment. When our patients refer to us to their family or friends, it’s such a great honor because we know that they trust and respect our practice.

You create veneers in your own office, is this technique unique to your practice?
While many practices must send veneer orders out of office to labs for fabrication, resulting in a nearly a two week wait time until your final smile, Sedation Dentistry of Sunny Isles is able to custom create them in office while you wait. Our patients can leave the same day with a transformed permanent new smile, a perfect solution for busy patients who find multiple office visits a burden on their schedule. It’s exciting to see the dramatic transformation cosmetic dentistry can make on our patients’ appearance.

While the hard work and dedication of both Dr. Francisco Rodriguez and his wife Dr. Diane Alvarez has afforded them the luxury of international acclaim for their work, family remains at the heart of their daily life. When not focusing on the individual needs and health of each patient, the husband-and-wife team spend time on the beach with their three children, enjoying the benefits of healthy teeth and a healthy lifestyle.

About Sedation Dentistry of Sunny Isles
Sedation Dentistry of Sunny Isles is Miami’s premier dental office for implantology, cosmetic dentistry, and oral surgery procedures. Built upon the hard work and extensive education of husband and wife duo Dr. Francisco Rodriguez and Dr. Diane Alvarez, the cutting-edge dental practice has gained international attention. With more than ten professional, doctoral, and postdoctoral procedures between the two doctors, they represent years worth of education and training. Focusing on the health and needs of individual patients, both doctors specialize in modern veneers for patients of every type, oral reconstruction, and maxillofacial procedures.

For more information on Sedation Dentistry of Sunny Isles, contact: Sedation Dentistry 202 Sunny Isles Blvd Suite # 9 Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 333160, or call or email (786) 629-1503,

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