Isn’t the new ‘chief’ cute?…..

Isn’t the new ‘chief’ cute?.....

“Chief” Elissa at work!

She is young. She is smart. She is personable, and she is cute as can be. And, she knows EXACTLY what she wants to be when she grows up. POLICE CHIEF!

Her name is Elyssa Moreno, an exhuberant 5 year old and a Pre-K student who came to visit the police station on Take Your Child to Work Day on April 10, 2015. Of course both mom and dad who are employees for the City of Sunny Isles Beach approved of Elyssa’s visit to the police department as part of her work day.

What surprised us most was her unabashed response when asked what she wanted to be when she became of work age. Proudly and without hesitation she stated “Police Chief.”

After the laughter died down, I (the current chief) asked her if she could wait just a couple of more years before she took my position. She agreed with a huge smile that will light up a room. She surely reflects the personality, the charisma and the confidence that both her parents bring to the city everyday as respected employees. In all the years I have known them, I never recall either one ever having a “bad day at work.” If they did they surely never let on.

Isn’t the new ‘chief’ cute?.....

Officer Gonzalez and Elyssa

Children are often products of their environment, specifically their HOME environment. So it is easy to see how and why Elyssa is so engaging. She even had the opportunity to spend some time with our School Liaison Officer, Patty Gonzalez. How impressed we ALL were with this 5 year old’s attitude, respectfulness and determination. It is all wrapped up into one huge personality. I can only hope that she will maintain those qualities right up until the day she is sworn in as “Police Chief.”

*Elyssa wanted to express her thanks to Sandra Block especially, but all those who made her trip to the police department, so very special.

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