Kitten Foster Parents Needed

Kitten Foster Parents Needed

Misuh was a wild cat when found, with time and patience she was tamed and thanks to a family in SouthFlorida, she became one of the three living- in cats in the house.

The City has a Community Cats Program and we have many volunteers that perform various tasks regarding their welfare.

It is now kitten season and quite a few pretty and therefore adoptable kittens have been sighted around our city. However, just because they are pretty and adorable does not make them adoptable, they need to be SOCIALIZED. Do you have any family members, friends or neighbors who love animals but perhaps don’t want the permanent commitment to a pet?

Kittens born outside a home have an inherent fear of humans and must be CONSTANTLY handled, usually for just a two week period so that they can be taken by organizations that will find them forever homes. If you do know any special people that have the love, time and don’t mind a few scratches, please ask them to call Helena Forbes or Desiree at 305-792-1705

A kitten “expert” will explain all they need to know.

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