Lorenzo-Bomnin Chevrolet rolls out New Showroom, facility and car line

Lorenzo-Bomnin Chevrolet rolls out New Showroom, facility and car line

(l-r) Lorenzo Llerenaand Arnaldo Bomnin proudly stand in their beautiful new showroom

Drive by Lorenzo-Bomnin Chevrolet, located at 8455 S. Dixie Hwy. and one thing is immediately evident: drastic improvements are being made. Although construction for the dealership is still roughly two months away from completion, the two-time GM Mark of Excellence award-winning business, led by partners Lorenzo Llerena and Arnaldo Bomnin, already looks better than ever.

The new facility is 34,000 sq. feet in its entirety, with a 4,300 sq. foot showroom and a massive 15,400 sq. foot air conditioningready garage stocked with high end, state of the art equipment. The new main building houses 28 personnel offices, a general office, and has a repositioned storefront that places the showroom in direct view of US1complete with all of the latest Chevrolet- approved designs. It is the most up to date Chevrolet facility in South Florida and the only one being rebuilt from scratch.

“The visibility of the design is great, and we now have a lot more exposure from US1 into the showroom,” says Llerena. It’s great for Chevrolet, for the area and for us as dealers. I think it’s a win-win for everybody.”

Originally built as a gas station during the 1940’s, the property was later repurposed as a car dealership. Its small size made it impossible to provide many modest amenities, however. Among the things Llerena and Bomnin are most excited about is the opportunity to reward their customers’ loyalty with a much more accommodating setting that includes a new customer lounge outfitted with a large flat screen television and a dedicated internet room equipped with free wi-fi. Customers bringing in their vehicles for service are provided with free carwashes and there is a point-accumulation reward system for repeat visitors.

“We’re very excited that we are able to offer customers much better conditions now,” he says. “They were very loyal to us in the old facility and we’re thrilled to offer them a much improved environment.”

All of this remodeling coincides with the largest product revamp in General Motors’ history, with almost 70 percent of their 2014 vehicles being gorgeously redesigned including the Silverado, Colorado, Tahoe, Suburban, Malibu, Impala and the Corvette, of which they are the number one dealer in the entire southeast region of the United States, year to date. The new rollout also will include the debut of the Chevy SS (Sports Sedan), which boasts a sedan exterior with a Corvette engine. Both Llerena and Bomnin are first generation Cuban immigrants who came to the U.S. during the 1990’s with no family or money. Neither of them spoke English when they arrived and it was through sheer will, determination and strategic planning that they got to where they are today as the only 100 percent Hispanicowned Chevrolet dealership in the region.

“The way I see it, my partner and I are the realization of the American dream, and what better way is there to do it than with an American brand that is so iconic?” he says. “We both came to this country with absolutely nothing at all and I feel extremely privileged and grateful to this nation for the opportunity it has given us.”

For more information, call 305-740-7475 or visit www.lorenzobomninchevrolet.com

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4 Comments on "Lorenzo-Bomnin Chevrolet rolls out New Showroom, facility and car line"

  1. Looks like Lorenzo need to pay more attention to the customer service. I was trying to make an appointment to see a car (last saturday 08/24) on his 8455 S Dixie Hwy showroom but I was ignored by someone called Pedro.
    Thank you

  2. Great to see this place with a new building, the dealership is simply beautiful. Have bought a couple of cars there and everyone is so nice,they always have lots of cars in stock and the service staff is the best I have ever seen.

  3. Where is chevrolet motors winning prize delivery parcel and captiva car

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