Mayor presents military honors to Sunny Isles Beach Police Officer

By Chief Fred Maas….
Returning from a full year of active-duty in the War in Iraq, was most likely a blessing in itself. Being presented military honors by your Mayor and Commissioners, was even more gratifying and rewarding for a job well done. That is what happened on Thursday, February 24th of this year at the City Commission meeting for Sunny Isles Beach.

Mayor Norman Edelcup was asked by Officer Albert Porro to personally award to him, the Bronze Star that Porro earned while serving his year of deployment in Iraq. Officer Porro also learned that he has been awarded the “Purple Heart” for injuries he sustained while rescuing some of his injured soldiers and saving their lives after an ambush attack on their unit.

The City Commissioners also participated in the recognition of Porro, as they presented him with the loyalty and courage and bravery award he had received prior to being deployed. The encased coin (award) was held in the roll call room everyday while Officer Porro was away from us. To say he was kept in our hearts and minds and prayers would be an understatement.

Officer Porro requested that Mayor Edelcup present him with the military honor for the support he was shown by the Mayor during his deployment. Porro stated, “It meant a lot to me having the City Leaders support me during this difficult time of separation from my job and my family.”

Porro was welcomed back exuberantly by all those in attendance at the meeting and received a standing ovation for his service to his country and this city.

God Bless You Albert, and God Bless America!

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