Meet Dana Goldman,Sunny Isles Beach’s newest City Commissioner

Meet Dana Goldman,Sunny Isles Beach’s newest City CommissionerAs someone who has made public service an integral part of my life, it was an incredible honor to have been appointed to the Sunny Isles Beach City Commission earlier this month. The fact that my selection by the City Commission was unanimous made this milestone even more special.

A proud Miami-Dade native, I was born and raised in Miami Beach. My family owned the world-famous Pumpernik’s Restaurants chain. The time I spent at Pumpernik’s with my family and our customers evoke some of my life’s fondest memories.

After graduating with a B.A. in History from Brandeis University, I moved to Washington, D.C. to attend and graduate law school at George Washington University. It was in D.C. that I caught the public service bug by working for some of our nation’s most revered elected officials. I was a research assistant at the Helsinki Commission, chaired at the time by the Hon. Dante Fascell, the Miami congressman. During and after law school, I served as legal intern to then U.S. Sen. Bob Graham of Florida, and as a legislative assistant to Albert Gore, Jr., the Tennessee senator and future vice president.

After returning to our community in the 1990s, I served as Deputy Director of the First Summit of the Americas in Miami. The event, hosted by President Bill Clinton, brought together leaders from throughout the hemisphere.

Meet Dana Goldman,Sunny Isles Beach’s newest City Commissioner

Vice Mayor Isaac Aelion signs on for another term after he is sworn in.

I moved to the south end of Sunny Isles Beach in 2001 with my husband, Michael Gates. Together we have a school-age daughter, Julia Alexi Gates. I am a practicing attorney, focusing on matters related to real estate and planned development communities.

Since making Sunny Isles Beach my permanent home, I have served on the city’s Citizen Advisory Committee. We serve as the liaison between residents and elected officials, and as an incubator for public policy ideas. Some of the initiatives I successfully championed while on the Citizen Advisory Committee include:
• Deploying social media so the city can communicate and interact with residents and businesses.
• Revising our sign ordinance to allow the use of electronic signs on city-owned property.
• Hosting the city’s popular “Condo Workshop Series” that helps condo residents and associations deal with regulatory and governance issues.
As your new City Commissioner, I will focus on quality of life issues that make our city such a great place. This includes:

Meet Dana Goldman,Sunny Isles Beach’s newest City Commissioner

City Clerk Jane Hines congratulates former commissioner and new Mayor George
“Bud” Scholl.

• Continuing our city’s outreach efforts to help condo residents and associations with a new Office of Condo Advocacy.
• Ensuring sensible re-development of the west side of Collins Avenue.
• Building a community center for our seniors.
• Making our streets safer and easier to navigate for school children and other pedestrians.
• Reducing overcrowding at Norman S. Edelcup K-8 school.

I want to know what’s on your mind. So please, feel free to contact me at (954) 632-0231 or 305-347-7391 or dgoldman@ I am here to help in any way I can.

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4 Comments on "Meet Dana Goldman,Sunny Isles Beach’s newest City Commissioner"

  1. Dana Goldman sued neighbors she want to represent. This is not the type of person to be a commissioner

  2. Dana Goldman and her husband Michael Gates are suing their board members, Neighbors and manager for millions of dollars for years now. Claims of stealing, bribes, burglary, attacks and more. If true, where is the proof, state authorities, Sunny Isles police?

    Not only is she not the type of person that should be a commissioner. Isn't it a clear conflict of interest for her to be when she is suing the very people that she represents and live with at Poinciana Island.

    Did Goldman disclose this lawsuit to the former Mayor before he appointed her to the interim commissioner seat?

    Why doesn't Goldman work in fixing her issues in her own association in a neighborly way, rather than try to destroy it? Why isn't a reporter questioning Goldman on this?

  3. That condo association at Poinciana where Dana Goldman lives is out of control. they spend money like it's free, handing out most of it to relatives of board members for various services, repairs, etc. You couldn't pay me to live there. It's common knowledge all over the area. Ask any Realtor.

    Well, Gene Newman ran his family owned business into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. He then "retired" to Sunny Isles Beach. He also lied about his academic credentials — the guy claims all sorts of things while at Wharton that could NOT be proven by third parties. He's also a bully who thinks elected office is due him because he is a gift from god.

    Kevin Thomas has a checkered past, with his own bankruptcy and other legal issues. At least he's a nice guy.

  4. Received from Gene Newman. The man answers Dana Goldman's claims that turn out to be false

    Dear Friends and Neighbors in Sunny Isles Beach and Elsewhere:

    As you may know, I am a Candidate for Sunny Isles Beach, FL City Commissioner. The election is TOMORROW Tuesday, February 17th and appears it will be very close. Our computer model shows that only 900 people will vote meaning one of the three candidates must reach at least 451 to win. Failing that there will be a runoff election next month between me and one of the two lawyers against whom I am running. Of the 900 votes projected to be cast, 400 have already been cast by absentee ballot. That leaves only a projected 500 votes to be cast at one of the five polling stations tomorrow. EVERY VOTE IS CRITICAL!

    Only with your VOTE AND SUPPORT (Urge your family, friends and neighbors to vote) is there a chance that I can win tomorrow in a very tight race.

    There are THREE ISSUES that have arisen that must be commented on as THEY ARE PATENTLY UNTRUE!

    ISSUE #1: concerns one of my opponents', Dana Goldman, recent mailing to many SIB residents, in which it, among other things, blares:
    "Gene Newman – A Bankrupt Bully Who Busted the Bank…Files Bankruptcy,Flees South". FALSE!

    While it seems Ms Goldman is referring to my wholly-owned corporation, Noonoo Rug Co., Inc. filing for protection under Chapter XI of The Federal Bankruptcy Protection Act in 2005, she does not say that. She says, "Gene Newman (an individual) filed…".

    Secondly, she states "Gene Newman Broke the Bank". FALSE!

    MY CORPORATION PAID 100% OF ITS DEBTS (in excess of $5 Million) IN FULL. I refer you to the attachment below which contradicts Ms Goldman's untruths. FALSE!

    Thirdly, she states "I fled South": the implication being that I "beat the Bank (did not repay a $5M loan) and "had to leave town (NYC) in a hurry". FALSE!

    In point of fact, I relocated from NYC to Sunny Isles Beach FOUR YEARS AFTER HAVING PAID ALL CREDITORS ( and legal/consulting/accounting expenses) IN FULL. I did not "flee", rather Dakota and I drove to Florida at a leisurely pace, over a week's time, stopping to visit with fraternity brothers in Baltimore, MD, Tega Cay, SC and Vero Beach, FL. It was one of many great trips I took with my wonderful Dakota, "The Joy of My Life". May she sleep peacefully always.

    Issue #2: There is a website which has been used in past elections as a "smear" communication by candidates belonging to a specific local political clique. Its ownership has never been divulged. It first features a strong support article on its "favored candidate of the election"/or features negative, untruthful articles on the opponent of its "favorite son" or, in this case, "favorite daughter", Ms Goldman" and then invites comments from its readers. THE ONLY COMMENTS PRINTED ARE THOSE THAT AGREE WITH THE WEBSITE. Critics of the site are never heard from. The most recent postings (after the one endorsing Ms Goldman for Commissioner), repeat the "statements" regarding my corporations bankruptcy filing.

    A new twist is added, however. now questions whether my Master's Thesis, submitted as part of the MBA requirements of The Wharton School from which I graduated in 1969, was ever,in fact, "marked with Honors and deposited in the School Library", as I contend. A reporter contacted the School and was told that no such thesis from Gene or Eugene Newman was deposited in the Library. I agree. That is a correct statement. THE ONLY PROBLEM THE SIBREPORTER WRITER (and its ownership) MADE, OR FACT IT OVERLOOKED, IS THAT AT WHARTON I MATRICULATED UNDER MY BIRTH SURNAME WHICH I LEGALLY CHANGED TO "NEWMAN", SOME TIME AFTER GRADUATION. THEREFORE MY THESIS COULD NEVER BE FOUND UNDER A SEARCH FOR "NEWMAN THESIS". FALSE!

    WHAT MS GOLDMAN DOES DO/HAS DONE IS TO CONTINUE TO SUE THE POINCIANA (where she lives) HOMEOWNER'S OWNERS' ASSOCIATION FOR $20 Million alleging financial improprieties. IN FOUR YEARS SHE HAS YET TO PROVE ONE ALLEGATION.See second attachment below for full details.

    SPECIAL THANKS to all my supporters, residents and those who have worked so hard on the campaign. You are the best!


    You can count on that!

    Kindest regards,
    Gene Newman
    (Candidate for)
    Sunny Isles Beach City Commissioner, Seat 3.

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