Mount Sinai launches Sports Cardiology Program

Dr. Carlos Zamora

Dr. Carlos Zamora

While physical activity offers many benefits, there can also be dangers for those with underlying, undiagnosed cardiac conditions that can potentially lead to an increased risk of heart attack or sudden cardiac death during vigorous exercise.

That is why Mount Sinai Medical Center recently launched a Sports Cardiology Program, which offers comprehensive medical care and physiological testing to athletes at all levels of performance, recreational exercisers and highly active individuals.

Led by Dr. Carlos Zamora, cardiologist within the Columbia University Division of Cardiology at Mount Sinai, the Sports Cardiology Program focuses on cardiac care for athletes and physically active people of all ages, goals and abilities in order to help preserve and ultimately maximize their athletic performance.

“Anyone who has a family history of heart disease or is planning to get significantly more active should come in for a screening,” says Zamora. “In young athletes, tests can pick up congenital heart conditions and prevent potentially fatal collapses in the field. For older athletes or individuals who wish to become more active, we look for signs of coronary disease in order to prevent heart attacks during strenuous activity, and we can recommend a safe level of exercise or medication if needed.”

The Mount Sinai Sports Cardiology Program provides comprehensive cardiovascular screenings to evaluate impaired physical performance and symptoms such as chest pain, heart palpitations, leg pain or shortness of breath that occur during leisure exercise, training or competition. The program also provides clearance to resume athletic activities after a cardiac diagnosis, surgery or procedure. A broad array of treatments and education are provided to help patients resume their active lifestyle.

Mount Sinai’s Sports Cardiology program can help enhance athletic performance and physical fitness, prevent acute and chronic injuries and extend athletic careers. Whatever your age or level of athleticism – whether you participate in high school or college sports, are a pro or a weekend warrior – if you have experienced an unexplained decline in performance or want a comprehensive cardiovascular screening and advice on controlling cardiovascular risk factors, make an appointment today by calling 305-674-CARE (2273) or visit

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