My Bucket List – Of Thanks…

Chief Fred Maas

Several years ago, a movie was produced that became very popular amongst people of all ages. It was called “The Bucket List.” It starred some Hollywood big names including Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It dealt with people who made a list of things they wanted to accomplish before their life on earth ended. When a fellow employee used that term a few weeks ago, that something was on their “bucket list” to do and they planned on accomplishing it that next weekend, some of us were able to help by providing the “kite” that she always wanted to fly with her niece. It got me to thinking. What would my “Bucket List” of thanks be for this Thanksgiving? Here is some of my list:

I am grateful to have a job, in today’s economy.

I am grateful to work in the City where I perform that job.

I am grateful for those I work for, those I work with and those that work for me; especially those who work for me.

I am grateful for the beautiful parks and green space and facilities that have been provided to the City for our children and adults over the past 13 years, when we had none.

I am grateful for those who continue to go the extra step, that go above and beyond in providing quality customer service to our citizens, which sets us apart as a city from many others.

I am grateful to all the Veterans past and present, living and deceased that provided the opportunity for each of us to live in this city in peace and tranquility.

I am grateful for the Wall of Recognition that family members and friends can visit, dedicated to those Veterans, at Heritage Park.

I am grateful when I see the smiling faces of the kids at our school in the city, knowing that although challenging at times we are making every effort to provide them with the best and safest educational environment.

Lastly, I recognize that sometimes my gratitude is overshadowed by other emotions, but once a year, this time of the year, I am again reminded of how much I have to be Thankful for and How long my Bucket List actually is….. Happy Thanksgiving Holidays Everyone!

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