NSE/SIB Super Star Teachers

By Dr. Annette Weissan….
Did you order a burger from one of the NSE/SIB K- 8 teachers last week during McTeacher Night at the local McDonalds? Maybe you opted for a beverage or a salad. If so, it was probably served to you by a NSE/SIB teacher! Or maybe it was the Principal or Assistant Principal!

Did you cheer when the teachers hit the ball in Pelican Park during the softball game between the faculty and the 8th Grade students? Swinging at the ball, running the bases and crossing the plate was just part of the excitement that created an evening of family fun. Teachers, parents, and students rooted for their teams to score and make a great play.

I mention this because I want everyone to know that the NSE/SIB K-8 staff members are super stars both in the classroom and in the community. Our outstanding faculty devotes numerous hours to before and after school academic activities to support our students. Some teachers arrive early to provide individual attention for struggling students and others arrive early to open the school’s computer labs so children can work on online programs. NSE/SIB also supports an extensive three day a week after school tutorial program for students in grades 3 through 8 who need some extra assistance in reading and math. In January, the program will be expanded to include 2nd grade students.

In addition, our science teachers have been offering Science Fair Project Boot Camps that help students prepare their projects for the annual science fair later this month. Our young scientists can also be found conducting experiments during SECME meetings. And let’s not forget our talented artists who meet each week to broaden their skills and create banners and decorations for our special assemblies. Finally, our teachers are preparing the next generation of educators by sponsoring Future Educator Clubs. The NSE/SIB teachers are going above and beyond to ensure that our students have every opportunity to grow, learn, and succeed.

I cannot close this article about our super star staff without sharing a word or two about their generosity. Throughout the year the teachers participate in many charitable events including the Walk for the Cure and the Mercedes Benz Walk, holiday food and toy drives, and donations for people in need. In addition, NSE/SIB has won numerous recognitions for its overwhelming contributions to the United Way Student Campaign and the Staff Campaign.

At NSE/SIB, there is already a solid tradition of giving back to the community and helping others. The teachers and staff members are modeling behaviors they would like the children to replicate as they move forward and become community leaders. When students are engaged in the community, classroom lessons have a stronger, more meaningful impact on their learning. Together, the staff and students are building a caring, giving tomorrow for all of us. I couldn’t be prouder of the NSE/SIB K-8 family.

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