Sunny Isles

Step Away from the Car


Everyone needs a weathervane in their life. A weathervane is a revolving pointer that turns and shows the direction of the wind. It can predict the weather which is the state of the atmosphere around you. It can also predict changes in the weather. Without a weathervane to tell you …

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A True Unsung Hero of an Employee

#88 David Springer

I couldn’t let the passing of Code Enforcement Officer David Springer go by without comment on the loss to our organization. David was, what you might call, a quiet person. He was also one of the most reliable employees you could ever have. David was hired in 2011 as a …

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Clean Hands

hand washing

Children should consistently wash their hands throughout the day. Here are some easy steps to hand washing that we can teach our children. Turn water on. Make sure the water is at a comfortable temperature and disposable paper towels are available. Moisten hands under water and apply a heavy lather …

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