Plan to attend the next Sunny Isles Beach City Advisory Committee Meeting

Join the Sunny Isles Beach City Advisory Committee at our first meeting of the fall season on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 6:30 pm at the Government Center. We welcome the public to our meetings; especially new volunteers to serve on any of our committees. This report will outline a little bit about our recent activities.

As Chairman, I have the responsibility to direct our Sub-Committees and to make recommendations to the Mayor and the City Commission based upon the various committee ideas and fact findings. Our group of dedicated volunteers makes this job very easy for me.

The Committee has had a successful record in advising the elected officials in ways to make our City more efficient, safe and beautiful. Along with my able Vice Chairman, Tony LoCastro, our Committee has aided the City in receiving financial grants from various federal and state entities.

Bob Welsh, Chairman of the Long Range Planning Sub-Committee is proud that by his persistence over a period of time, the unkempt and brown sections of median along 174 Street on the west end of the street, are now greener and fuller. Also, with the intervention of Commissioner Gatto, the trip hazard on the Southwest corner of 174 Street and Collins Avenue has been rectified.

Dennis Stubbolo, Chairman of the Senior Action Committee, has created, planned and conducted fabulous events for our esteemed seniors. With their tireless efforts, fellow Sub-Committee members including former Commissioner Roslyn Brezin, David Gartner, Joe Masters and Nancy Leyton made sure that the participating seniors fully enjoyed all the special trips and events subsidized by our City. Marianna Talalaevsky, Chairwoman of our Youth Advocacy Group, worked hard to make sure that students attending Norman S. Edelcup SIB K-8 School were verifiably able to provide proof of their residence within the City. This most difficult task helped reduce overcrowding at the school.

Jennifer Levin, Chairwoman for Special Projects, was assigned the task of procuring a unique Zip Code for Sunny Isles Beach and is doing an outstanding job in getting this accomplished. Steve Trattner, Chairman of our Traffic and Safety Sub-Committee, was successful in taking on the issue of the crosswalk at Collins and 189th Street that only went to the middle of Collins Avenue and having the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) approve going forward to extend this crosswalk all the way across. This will create a safer route for residents and tourists to cross Collins Avenue.

Bob Mincow, Chairman of the Beautification and Technical Matters Sub-Committee, is continuing his involvement in research and development of electric car charging stations in Sunny Isles Beach.

Dana Goldman, Chairwoman of Non Traffic Safety and Norman Peselev, Chairman of the Finance and Capital Projects Sub-Committees have been very active in their assigned missions. Please direct any questions regarding this committee to the Office of the City Clerk at 305.792.1703.

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