A Recipe for Success

A Recipe for Success

Brayan Pagan

Enforcing the City’s Code of Ordinances takes a person with a mixture of knowledge, patience and just the right amount of authority. Code & Parking Enforcement Officers primary duties are the prevention, detection, investigation, and enforcement of violations of the City Code which regulates property maintenance, public nuisance, and parking violations, among other policies and procedures that were developed by City Commission to encourage compliance to maintain a world class city. The Sunny Isles Beach Code Enforcement team is on the job seven days a week.

During the Code Enforcement process, officers go through the following procedure:

• A violation is proactively observed or a location is inspected as a follow up to a complaint.

• A violation is observed and a Warning Notice of Violation is issued with no fee, only a timeline to correct the problem.

• If a correction is not obtained (24 hours to 30 days, depending on the issue) then a Civil Notice of Violation with a penalty is issued which must be paid and the violation corrected or an Administrative Hearing requested within 7 days.

• If the correction is not obtained and the penalty is not paid, a First Letter of Intent to Lien is issued.

• If correction is still not obtained and the penalty is not paid, a Final Letter of Intent to Lien is issued, a Municipal Code Enforcement Lien is imposed by a Special Master.

One member of the enforcement team is Brayan Pagan, Senior Code & Parking Enforcement Officer, a city employee since June, 2007. He is a Florida native who graduated from Miami Beach Senior High and continued his education at Hillsborough Community College. He also served his country overseas in the Army National Guard as a Chemical Operations Scout and Equipment Specialist. When he was a Sunny Isles Beach resident, his name was placed on our Veterans Wall at Heritage Park.

Pagan has all the requisite training that goes with the job and more. He is certified in Code Enforcement Levels 1 – 4 by the Florida Association of Code Enforcement. He is also a member of that organization. What this means for the residents is that they have a Code Officer who from the moment he accepted the position, has constantly expanded his pool of knowledge, on his own time, to complement his job experience. He trains other officers and verifies that they understand the procedures put in place by the city.

Pagan was awarded Employee of the Quarter in May 2014 because of his dedication to the job and also in response to a very complimentary correspondence sent to upper management in the city. The property manager at the Tropicana Condominiums wanted to make sure Brayan’s supervisors were aware of his “Quick responses and action… to correct a bad situation…” If you ask Brayan, he would say the most rewarding part of the job is interacting with the different people he meets as he performs his duties.

Pagan has managed to mix education, experience and an easy manner to come up with the recipe for success in his job, serving the residents of this World Class City. On his days off he may choose to stay active with boxing or Jiu Jitsu, take in a movie, or just relax in beautiful South Florida.

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