Samson Oceanfront Park Improvements

Beachgoers who trek to the ocean may have recently noticed a partial closure of the northern walkway of our beautiful Samson Oceanfront Park. This temporary closure is necessary while improvements to the facilities are underway. These renovations will benefit both the residents and visitors who stay on our shores.

If you are a longtime resident, you will remember that Samson Oceanfront Park was the first park opened in the City. It was dedicated in 2000 and after 13 years in operation, it is due for a facelift. These planned renovations to the park are extensive and will stretch over a period of time. The park remains open with the southern walkway giving access to the beach.

The improvements include many areas of the park. The pavilion will remain in its existing configuration, but through better use of space, the restroom facilities will be expanded to include more stalls. The wooden walkway to the beach and railings adjacent to the walkway will be completely renewed.

The children’s play area will be replaced and feature a new shade cover. More benches and tables will be installed when the older ones are replaced, using creative design and positioning to get the most out of the picnic area. Enhanced lighting will be installed in all areas of the park. The majestic palm trees that have been temporarily removed from the park will return and the landscaping will continue to be lush and welcoming to patrons as they sit and enjoy the ocean breezes.

This temporary closure of some of the park’s features will continue over a period of months. The park will continue to be one of this World Class City’s best assets, taking advantage of the proximity to the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean, the view of the sandy beach and the wide open green space. When completely refurbished, Samson Oceanfront Park will have greatly improved facilities with many more outdoor spots for patrons to rest, relax and rejuvenate.


The Mayor and Commissioners want your input. A workshop will be scheduled to allow members of the public an opportunity to provide feedback on what you would like to see in Samson Park.

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