Seaside Speak Out in Sunny Isles Beach

By Stephanie Dethomas….
We receive many letters at City Hall from residents who may want to offer a suggestion, compliment or a complaint about our city by the sea. We have started a new column in the Sunny Isles Beach Sun to address these letters and give our residents a chance to express their thoughts and ideas.

One letter came from SIB resident Chanan Shapiro, Promoter & Event Collaborator with the Sunny Isles Beach Orchestra. He submitted the following letter on the recent Sunny Serenade concert at Samson Park.


 The sounds of great live pop music have descended upon Samson’s Park by the Ocean in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida on September 15, 2010 at 7:30 pm. It was the opening of Sunny Serenade series of concerts sponsored by the City Hall. The event happened to become the consummate live music experience for everybody who attended to enjoy. It was a lovely evening of music experienced by many in the community including Mayor Norman S. Edelcup and members of the City Commission.

Eugene Muchnik, guitarist & Music director, was determined to bring the beauty of live music back to those who appreciate the genuine article and experience! He found his musical soul mates in a place called Sunny Isles Beach, the Florida’s Riviera, and subsequently founded the Sunny Isles Beach Orchestra in January of 2010.

They are an amazing group to watch in action. Gregory Korchmar on keyboards, Serge Kaltchenko on bass guitar, Anatoly Pedchenko on drums, and Mark Kanevsky the percussionist have clearly established themselves as the well tuned professional sound machine.

The group also offered an entourage of award-winning vocalists with indelible voices to remember, including Mark Kruk, Sabina Stanislavsky, Carmen Amara and Vanity Marsh – the past participant of American Idol contest.

They proved to be the relentless perfectionists with enormous amount of talent to observe and praise, and one would only be too happy to hear and watch them in action again. Like true professionals from different walks of life, with rich and diverse musical backgrounds – they jammed and shined to the end of performance in rather difficult condition of a high wind evening in the park by the ocean.

The influence of American, Latin and Russian pop culture were evident in all the music they performed, and the mannerisms of their instrumentalists and solo singers were reflective of the various cultural backdrops they represented. Once they came out swinging in full force, they simply did no wrong, for they were truly the artisans who aspired to please their audience and themselves, and to give it away freely!”

Letters, suggestions and ideas are welcome from our Sunny Isles Beach residents. Please send your correspondence to Stephanie DeThomas c/o SIB Sun, Sunny Isles Beach Government Center, 18070 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160 or via e-mail

For information to be considered you must include your name and contact information for verification. Letters may be edited for content. Submission does not guarantee publication. Article space is limited. The City of Sunny Isles Beach reserves the right not to publish all letters received.

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