Senior Safety

A supplement to Senior Safety, as seen in the SIBislander Newsletter, additional safety measures which seniors can employ are the following:

Do not fall for the distraction trick while shopping. People working in teams at a grocery store or department store, for example, will have one person distract your attention or get you away from your shopping cart, while the other person steals your purse or belongings. By the time you realize it, your property is gone and so are the suspects. They are EXPERTS at what they do.

So be on guard at all times, be smarter and craftier than them. If someone attempts to distract you make sure you have your property on you and do not leave it unattended in another place.

If by chance, you do fall victim to such an incident, notify management immediately. Often times they have closed circuit cameras and surveillance which can help identify the suspects.

Remember, personal safety is a constant thing. Everyday there is a new attempt to find a way to your property and valuables. Stay one step ahead of them!!We care about your safety.



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