SIB Fall Lineup

TV networks are launching their new fall programs, but right here in Sunny Isles Beach, we’re creating some great reality shows like these:

SIB Idol:

Singing the praises of Sunny Isles Beach, residents compete to see who can lead the most idolized lifestyle while a panel of judges critiques their talents to work on tans, go on shopping sprees and generally defy all economic downturns.


“Celebration Scene Investigation” combined with some forensic accounting reveals Sunny Isles Beach always has a big budget for hosting special events, parties and concerts… And you don’t have to be a detective to deduce everyone’s a suspect when it comes to enjoying “guilty pleasures” like taking a day off for a day at the beach!

SIB Law & Order:

In this drama you won’t see a lot of crime or high speed chases – just people getting pulled over for traffic infractions or wearing clothes that summon the “fashion police.”

Real SIB Housewives:

This reality show highlights why women all around the country might even give up their favorite pair of designer high heels to live in Sunny Isles Beach, where there’s a great school, parks with playgrounds and activities to keep kids busy – plus resorts where spa day packages offer relaxing massages!

SIB Hillbillies:

This is the classic show featuring the famous family that loads up their truck and assimilates perfectly in Sunny Isles Beach…Jethro and Elly May become trainers at Crunch Fitness; Granny sells her possum stew recipe to Epicure; and Jed buys all the banks and changes all their names again!

SIB Revenge:

This addictive hit drama is all about how the age defying motto “looking good is the best revenge” is really being brought to life by local cosmetic surgeons and Med Spas (with absolutely no downtime!)

Two and a Half Men inSIB:

This show may be at risk for cancellation due to the proliferation of gyms and weight loss centers dedicated to helping men and women lose so much weight – they’re now at least two and a half times less their original size!

The SIB Voice:

Set amidst Sunny Isles Beach condo association meetings, this show will feature people voicing their opinions about crucial issues including why no one should ever be allowed to wear pajamas in the lobby; and why there should be an assessment for balcony restorations – including private swimming pools for everyone!

Extreme SIB Makeover:

Inspired by the Public Works Department, ensuring Sunny Isles Beach was “clean and pristine” shortly after a tropical storm, this will be the first makeover show with no “before and afters” required since Sunny Isles Beach beautification projects already get the highest ratings for helping the city become internationally renowned as “Florida’s Riviera.”

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