Step Away from the Car

Everyone needs a weathervane in their life. A weathervane is a revolving pointer that turns and shows the direction of the wind. It can predict the weather which is the state of the atmosphere around you. It can also predict changes in the weather.

Without a weathervane to tell you which way the wind is blowing, you can be caught off guard. You need to know if the winds of change have kicked up. You need to know if they will be a breeze or a blow. A blow is a rapid wind movement driven by air currents. It is also a sudden shock, set back, or unfortunate event. Without prior knowledge, you can be blown off course which is unsettling and possibly disruptive.

Your life can turn like the wind and the weather. In a split second things can go from sunny to stormy. You may lose someone important to you through no fault of theirs or yours. You may lose them through changes, disease, drugs, dementia or death. Your boss can be promoted or fired and your job may be jeopardized. Your partner may out-grow you and no longer find you adequate, loving, funny or charming.

The importance of having a weathervane to alert you to the changes about to occur cannot be overestimated. Develop the ability to pay attention to others and to notice their cues. Even though cues may be subtle they usually become evident if you know how to recognize them. Of course, if you have your head in the sand you won’t see the changes coming.

If you miss a cue and you are blown off course or blown away, there is really only one option. You will need to use all of your skills to adjust and adapt to the new conditions and, perhaps, modify or change them for the better. You will need to keep working on improving your skills for discernment. You will need to be alert and attentive. Watch the weathervane.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864,

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