Sunny Isles Beach City Advisory Committee

Sunny Isles Beach City Advisory CommitteeEvery December, the Mayor and each Commissioner appoint a City resident to voluntarily serve on the City Advisory Committee for the upcoming year. The Mayor and Vice Mayor, however, may appoint one additional person to serve on the Committee, with the Mayor appointing the Chairperson. The members of the Advisory Committee for 2013 are Dana Goldman (Chairperson), Howard Gordon, Arlene Koenig, Suzanne Spiliotis, Ari Steiger, Dennis Stubbolo, and Mariana Talalaevsky.

The Advisory Committee meets six times during the year, and the meetings are open to the public, and public participation is welcomed. The City Advisory Committee assists the City Commission in addressing specific issues in detail, lends professional expertise, facilitates community discussion, and serves as a primary conduit between citizens and the City Commission.

The Advisory Committee’s mission is to assist the City Commission in developing policies in matters relating to capital projects, long-range technical matters, planning & zoning matters, social welfare issues, tourism/development, procurement, ethics, public safety, and cultural and fine arts enrichment.

The Advisory Committee has the authority to create sub committees to address the foregoing policies. The Advisory Committee may also propose the adoption of policies to the City Commission.

The first Advisory Committee meeting of 2013, will be held on Wednesday, January 30, at 6:30 p.m. The meetings are held in the first floor Conference Room at Government Center, 18070 Collins Avenue.

At the first meeting, the newly-appointed members will organize and may select chairpersons for the sub-committees. The City Commission welcomes additional volunteers, who must be residents of Sunny Isles Beach, to serve on the sub-committees created by the Advisory Committee.

If you are interested in serving on a sub-committee, please attend the January 30 meeting to learn more and to meet the new members. You may also contact the City Clerk, Jane Hines, at 305-792-1794 to obtain the required application and other information concerning the City Advisory Committee.

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