Sunny Isles Beach Orchestra At The Serenade Season Opener!

If it sounds good – it must be good, as the legendary Duke Ellington once said. Back in his time, music was all naturally live and authentic. It was way before the Milli Vanilli’s traits of exploiting the anonymous studio vocalists with symbolized lip-singing and well orchestrated, but quite mechanically sounding backstage records for pop-dancing profiteering. Never appealing, and even repulsive to his ears – Eugene Muchnik is determined to bring the beauty of live music back to those who appreciate the genuine article and experience!

Muchnik is from somewhere else, with origins dating back to Eastern Europe – aka the former Soviet Union. A structural engineer by education and the possessor of bachelor degree in music – his guitar does wonder in all his collaborations. He has been residing in Sunny Isles Beach with his wife Zoya, an enormously helpful character and loyal partner to all his endeavors in the past 20 years.

A leading figure with his entourage, he is not a leader as such, for the musicians around him remain a sensitive bunch. Eugene knows this well, and is quick to nurture and encourage the talent where it’s deserved.

He discovered his musical soul mates between the Intracoastal and the Atlantic shores in a place called Sunny Isles Beach, Florida’s Riviera. And with this in mind, bequeathed his band of brothers and sisters with the conspicuous name of – what else – Sunny Isles Beach Orchestra, which was born in January of 2010.

They are an amazing group to socialize with, and to watch in action. Along with playing keyboards and the accordion, Gregory Korchmar has clearly established himself as the sounding board for the whole team. Dispassionate on the surface, he is quick to reveal a penchant for steering the band in the right direction on every occasion. An accomplished professional musician with years of experience, he always knows how to charge a highly emotional note throughout any performance!

Serge Kaltchenko, on bass guitar, is totally attuned to all instrumentation and vocals in the ensemble. He is a solid, dedicated musical perfectionist. It is no surprise given that he has performed with many renowned groups across the US, and Russia in the past!

The drummer and trumpeter, Anatoly Pedchenko, does wonders with his tools. He is also a vocalist – truly the heart of this band.

Enter a lifetime musician – Mark Kanevsky. Percussionist and drummer, he shares the most in his relentless drive for providing bigger and better venues for the orchestra to please the audience. A part time administrator for the group, his role is to make sure that the stage preparations for any concert are ideal and ready.

The group also offers an entourage of award-winning vocalists with indelible voices to remember, including Mark Kruk, Sabina Stanislavsky, Vanity Marsh and Carmen Amara.

The influence of American, Latin and Russian pop culture are evident in all the music they perform, and the mannerisms of their instrumentalists and solo singers are reflective of the various cultural backdrops they represent.

The sounds of great live pop music will descend upon Samson’s Park by the Ocean in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida on September 15, 2010 at 7:30 pm. It will sound right, for it promises to be the consummate live music experience for you to enjoy, and that’s one guarantee worth making! To view the band’s latest video visit

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