The Adventures of Bibi & Friends Miami beach Centennial Comic Book

The Adventures of Bibi & Friends Miami beach Centennial Comic BookThe Adventures of Bibi & Friends & The City of Miami Beach celebrates Miami Beach’s 100th Anniversary with one of the coolest history books ever produced, celebrating the history, fashion, architecture, entertainment and pop culture of Miami Beach.

The Adventures of Bibi & Friends Miami beach Centennial Comic Book, which is produced & published by Brigitte Andrade and illustrated by Rodney Jackson of Rocko Rocket fame, has turned out to be a living history of Miami Beach, from its beginning to the blooming renaissance in 1990’s through today.

The book contains over 500 comic illustrations and photos, featuring those who built, work and play in Miami Beach, as well as celebrities such as Harrison Ford (Bibi’s first comic character) Gloria & Emilio Estefan, George Clooney, Frank Sinatra who also would have been 100 years old this year, and other entertainers & pioneers from past decades. In this limited collector’s edition, you will experience the sizzling sights, sounds and rhythms of the past 100 years in Miami Beach with Bibi, the ultra-hip, globetrotting fictional character and the official ambassador of fun and excitement in Miami Beach for the past 16 years!

Here is what people are saying about the book:

“I have enjoyed The Adventures of Bibi & Friends comics over the years, but THIS 100 YEARS OF MIAMI BEACH Edition is the MOTHERLODE! The detail and all the work-intensive ingenuity that has gone into this special issue, is just mind boggling to me. Also I couldn’t be prouder or more flattered to ne IN it! My hat goes off to Brigitte Andrade and her team who assembled this and to Miami beach, who joyfully get the GLOW of the very special PACKED TO GILLS Edition! Congratulations to all”! Richard Jay-Alexander, Director/Producer/Miami Beach Resident

The Adventures of Bibi & Friends Miami beach Centennial Comic BookF-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! The Adventures of Bibi & Friends 100: “The Miami Beach Centennial Collector’s Edition Comic Book, manages to include not only people who have made Miami Beach and South Beach what they have become, including their history and people who have passed on but are stilled remembered, but Bibi has made the Centennial Comic Book beautiful and entertaining. Think of anyone who has played a role in the revivification of South Beach and we guarantee you will find that person colorfully and risibly depicted on the pages of The Adventures of Bibi & Friends, 100: The Miami Beach Centennial Collector’s Edition Comic Book 1915-2015. If you don’t get a copy now, you won’t forgive yourself”! Merle & Danny Weiss

The Best Centennial Book Ever! It conveys all the history in a fun enjoyable way, with amazing drawings, great quotes and you actually feel like Bibi was there! George Neary Assoiciated VP Cultural Tourism GMCVB

Just FABULOUS! Coffee table material for sure and an absolute keepsake! Steve Rosenthal

The Centennial book is $20 and now available at, and soon at Books & Books and The Art Deco Welcome Center.

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