The Cabinet…

By Police Chief Fred Maas….

Chief Fred Maas with the Sunny Isles Beach Police Department

Over the past 12 years, this agency has received numerous awards and presentations for its police department. Usually, the presentation is made to the Chief on behalf of the department. Over the years, these symbols of recognition have ultimately collected in my office.

It was then that I realized how much people of the community and visitors and tourists who come to our station were missing out; unless of course, they were visiting my office. It was also then that I acknowledge the support of every male and female officer who wears the badge for Sunny Isles Beach Police and that they are the driving force behind each of those recognitions. They are the ones “making the difference” in the manner in which they serve this community. I will be the first to acknowledge that sometimes we, individually and collectively, may miss the mark or we may have a serious difference of opinion on the handling of a call. That is to be expected. But in the long run, over the past 12 years I am very proud of the fine work and dedication that these officers put forth. Oftentimes, I am reminded by letters of thanks and commendation and compliments for their willingness to help when no one else seemed to care.

Well, recently I reminded myself about their efforts, their dedication and their contribution to the reputation of this agency; from Captains in Command Staff all the way to the most recently hired officer and all the Civilian Employees as well, who TOGETHER work to serve you. And that is why the next time you visit or drop by the lobby of our police station, you will find the latest addition; I refer to as “The Cabinet.” It is where all that effort and service and dedication and commitment is self contained in the form of agency recognition. Some might say these are ordinary people doing an extraordinary job. I say, they are EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE DOING AN EXTRAORDINARY JOB….Be Safe!!

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