The City Commission Agenda

Please join us in the Commission Chambers at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 19, 2013. We open the meeting with two very special presentations. First, Employee Recognition Certificates of Appreciation will be presented to the following City employees: Marline PierreSaint, Cheryl Williams and Corey Swan.

Next, a Proclamation will be presented to Carrie Scriffignano who will be celebrating her 104th birthday on September 27, 2013.

There are three Ordinances on the Agenda for first readings:

• Granting People’s Gas System an agreement to use the public rights-of-way in Sunny Isles Beach.

• Amending Section 197-18 of the City Code to reflect the revocation of local business license in the event of illegal customer surcharges for sales transactions.

• Amending Section 265-53 of the City Code requiring property owners to install visible address signs on vacant/construction sites. There is one Ordinance on the Agenda for a second reading:

• Amending sections 265-36 and 265-38 of the City Code to maintain lower density on the west side of Collins Avenue by prohibiting apartment/hotel uses on the west side since such uses are of greater density than condos and apartments under the City Code. There are 21 resolutions on the Agenda:

• Request to approve renewal of commercial insurance packages with Brown & Brown.

• Request to authorize Mayor Norman S. Edelcup as the City’s delegate to the Miami-Dade League of Cities and Vice Mayor Isaac Aelion as the alternate.

• Request to approve a schedule for City Commission Meetings for Calendar Year 2014. • Request to approve a contract with Bonnie Bennett to provide marketing design services for the Cultural and Community Services Department.

• Request to approve a second amendment to the agreement with Action Labor Management for school crossing guard services.

• Request to approve Federal Forfeiture (DOJ) Funds to purchase a citywide closed circuit TV system for all city parks and government buildings. • Request to approve an addendum to agreement with Blue Digital Corp. for document imaging services for remaining city departments.

• Request to approve an agreement with Keefe, McCullough & Co. for professional auditing services for the period of one year.

• Request to approve an agreement with New World Systems, Inc. for training personnel of employees of the City.

• Request to approve an agreement with Dell to provide equipment for next generation, firewalls, security and increased storage.

• Request to approve an amendment to the agreement with Paladin Data Systems for computerized permitting and licensing systems.

• Request to approve an agreement with Information Consultants to upgrade the City’s website to provide public access to Resolutions and Ordinances.

• Request to approve the donation of surplus computer systems to Miami-Dade Public Schools, So. Florida Digital Alliance and Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center.

• Request to approve a budget amendment to record routine transfers based upon actual needs.

• Request to approve a budget amendment to transfer cost of living funds to individual departments where funds were expended.

• Request for approval authorizing a $10,000 contribution to the 11th Annual Dragon Boat Race.

• Request for approval to authorize a $10,000 contribution subject to certain conditions to Social Seniors, a non profit organization.

• Request to approve an agreement with Miller Publishing in the amount of $36,000 for Community Newspaper publishing services.

• Request to approve ratification of a second amendment with Harbour Construction to provide demolition services for Gateway Park.

• Request to approve the design and landscape plan for water facility owned by Miami-Dade County located at 350 Sunny Isles Blvd.

• Request to approve increase costs for extended library hours provided by Miami- Dade County.

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