Wandering & Pondering – The Widow

She was widowed two months ago when her husband was killed in an auto accident.

She doesn’t know how to be a widow. It had been a second marriage that had lasted for five years. He had two young daughters and she had been excited about putting together a combined family. It didn’t work out as she hoped.

The daughters didn’t like sharing their father. They evoked situations that forced him to make decisions that didn’t need her advice. Ones that put her on the outside of the discussions and did it every time they could. When in front of their father they were sweet, otherwise they pretty much ignored her.

They visited the mother-in-law at least once a month and that was a mess since the mother-in-law was convinced that she caused the first marriage to fail even though she hadn’t even met the first wife until they were divorced a few years before.

He had two married sisters that made it clear that their brother had married beneath him. After all, Marriage #1 had a masters, while #2 only graduated from school with a simple degree.

When he died in the crash it took the daughters two weeks to move out and move in with their mother. She visited her mother-in-law who made it plain that she had lost a son of 38 and she had only had the husband for five years and to please leave her alone. The sisters refused to talk to her stating through their husbands that they had just lost a dear brother and would she please leave them alone.

She has been widowed for two months and doesn’t feel that she is acting properly.

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