What you should know about Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the No. 1 cancer diagnosed in women. Breast cancer is a predator among women today, but you can fight back with knowledge and awareness. It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so don’t wait another day to get your facts straight and start protecting your breasts and your life.

Risk Factors

Who can get breast cancer? No one has guaranteed immunity to this disease— young women, and even men, have been diagnosed with breast cancer — but some women are at a greater risk than others. Your chances may be higher if one or more of these statements is true:• You’re older than 55.

• You’re older than 55.

• You have a personal history of cancer.

• You have a family history of breast cancer.

• You have been exposed to radiation.

• You had your first pregnancy later in life

or have never been pregnant.

• You experienced menopause after 55.

• You have undergone hormone replacement therapy.

If you are at a high risk, talk with your doctor about what preventive measures are appropriate for you.

Catching Breast Cancer Early

During its beginning stages, breast cancer is very treatable. It is up to you to make sure early detection is possible! Learn how to do a self-exam.

The American Cancer Society recommends that your healthcare provider perform a clinical breast exam every year for all women. A breast self-exam should be done each month by all women. Annual mammogram is recommended starting at age 40.

Some women with certain risk factors may need to start their screening mammograms earlier. Talk with your doctor about when to begin mammograms and how often to schedule them. Consult your doctor right away if you ever notice Any changes in your breasts, such as a lump, discoloration or dimpling of the skin, or a change in the shape of your nipple.

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