Why Wi-Fi in Sunny Isles Beach?

Before being elected to the City Commission and over the past number of years of serving on the commission, I have always been a strong advocate for as much public Wi-Fi access as possible throughout Sunny Isles Beach. Yes, I admit it I am a technical enthusiast, often times called a Geek! However, there are so many ways that a strong Wi-Fi network can benefit all our citizens and city infrastructure. It has always seemed natural to me that this is a necessity for a progressive city such as ours.

So what is a public Wi-Fi network anyway and why do we need one? Public Wi-Fi is simply a way for devices to connect to the internet in a public place wirelessly. The way someone connects is dependent upon what kind of device they have such as a laptop computer, an iPad, or a Wi-Fi enabled cell phone like an iPhone or BlackBerry. Some cities and businesses charge for public Wi-Fi access. Fortunately in Sunny Isles Beach we provide access in several areas around the city for free. We call these “Hot Spots”. A Hot Spot is an area that, with one of the devices described above, an internet connection can be established. It is a lot like having a free internet cloud over each of our parks and other public areas such as City Hall.

With our many Hot Spots throughout Sunny Isles Beach we are able to provide free convenient internet access to our residents and guests. But what if we could extend the internet cloud over our entire city? We could then use that cloud to provide many more additional benefits. You could surf the web while enjoying the beach. You could look on your Wi-Fi enabled device and know what time the shuttle bus is arriving at your stop. We could place emergency phones anywhere in the city and along the beach for easy access for assistance. Our public works drains and pumps could have monitors that tell the maintenance staff immediately when something is not working properly. You get the picture. As this technology becomes more affordable our goal is to Wi-Fi our entire city for the benefit of all our residents, guests and city services. When this is completed perhaps we will change our slogan to “The City of Sun, Sea and Wi-Fi”!

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  1. We love it. Mommy is able to Skype to grandmother while daughter is playing in the park. Grandmother gets to watch her grand-daughter grow, play, and get fresh air. Mommy and daughter are able to access home-school sites and activities while at Sampson Park Beach. We, of course, would prefer wider beach access of the cloud as many drunk teens come to that beach on the weekends and use vulgar language. Push up a beach umbrella and learn to read. Sunny Isles allows a family to be a family.

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