Spotlight On…. Ella Kallish, Sunny Isles Yoga Teacher

Ella Kallish, one of the yoga teachers at Pelican Community Park, says she remembers her “aha!” moment, when she knew the yoga experience was carrying out of the classroom and into the rest of her life. She saw the positive changes in her body, mind and attitude, plus she actually wanted to show up to class. She had taken yoga classes in her youth, but in 2006, when she started to study with a yoga instructor, a teacher of teachers, she “got the bug” to teach.

PCP entranceShe obtained her certification as a yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. The course of instruction included yoga postures “asanas”, the skeletal and muscular systems, overall health and the philosophy of yoga. Teachers were also shown how to instruct students, set the tone during the class, and how to market themselves as an instructor.

As Ella explains, she sets the mood in the room with music, calm poses and greetings. She demonstrates while watching the students move through the poses. She will move people into the proper position to prevent injury, “I watch the students and realign them if not properly posed.” Ella will also remind participants to breathe in order to stay in the meditative state. She sees yoga as a dance, smooth and flowing from one asana to the next. She goes on to say that students will grow and experience both physical change in their bodies and a change in the way they manage their internal dialogue. She says, “Yoga is a phenomenal workout for the body and the mind.”

Ella believes yoga is for everyone, as long as there are no restrictions from your doctor, “Age does not exist.” She says children can be introduced to yoga at an appropriate age. She loves teaching in Sunny Isles Beach and giving back to the community. “The students come from all over and have great attitudes, I get a lot of positive feedback.” This goes along with the philosophy, “Seek out positive people and positive endeavors in your life.”

The City of Sunny Isles Beach offers a full schedule of adult yoga classes taught by several qualified teachers, each with his or her own style. Because of the variety offered, participants can find a class and instructor that best suits their personal needs. Alvaro Minor teaches free sunrise yoga on the beach at Samson Park Wednesdays at 7:00 am. At Pelican Park, Ella and Natalia Maslova teach a variety of morning and evening classes.

A new flexible payment plan for yoga classes is scheduled to begin in March and will let Pelican Community Center members choose how many and which classes they will attend per month. Participants may continue to pay per class or choose an 8, 12, or unlimited classes per month payment option.

Pre-registration, with payment and a signed waiver, is required for all classes and may be completed at Pelican Community Park or the Government Center desks. Yoga on the beach is free, however registration is still required and participant will receive a complimentary parking pass at the time of registration. Participants should bring their own yoga mat. The yoga classes are part of the selection of adult programs offered by the city.

Learn more about Ella and our yoga program on SIBTV and

For questions, call 305-792-1706.

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