Read Like Abraham, Moses & King David

Reading Hebrew comes difficult to many, even if they went to Hebrew School as a child. For those who did not grow up with it…


Coral Gables

Push Button Dentistry

Invisalign. Zoom WhiteSpeed LED. Cerec One-Visit Crowns. For the uninitiated, the terms sound like high-tech products launched by Silicon Valley start-ups. In fact, they are…

Cutler Bay


Florida International Universtiy

Grant Miller's Column

Metrorail to Florida City: Build it now!

The Metrorail may finally be getting its long-overdue extension. Now we just need to decide where to start. The Metrorail may finally be getting its…



Miami Beach

Miami Beach Orthodontics Back To School Special!

Dr. Evan Rubensteen, Miami Beach Orthodontics is Miami Beach’s best (un)kept secret. April 1st marked Dr. Rubensteen’s one year anniversary on Miami Beach and he…

Miami Dade Animal Services

Michael Miller's Column

Summer will be over before you know it

It’s pretty hot out there, pretty sticky, and lots of rain too. But don’t despair, relief will be here before we know it. The back…

Palmetto Bay


South Miami

Where did the summer go?

Summer is almost over. School will be starting soon. Where did the summer go? I hope you and your family are having a great end…

Proper placement of garbage and recycing carts curbside

The City Ordinance 2014-07, concerning placement of domestic solid waste (garbage) and recycling containers curbside outlines the following stipulations: “Domestic garbage containers shall be placed…

In case you want to know

The City of West Park continues to do a remarkable job with limited funding due to the efforts of our staff and citizens. Most homeowners…

Code Enforcement Corner

What is Code Enforcement? Code Enforcement is the prevention, detection, investigation and enforcement of violations of statutes or ordinances regulating public health, safety, and welfare,…

Back to school safety reminders!

Summer is almost over and it’s time for our children to head back to school. Here are some back to school safety tips to make…

All in this together

Government and its leadership are constantly confronted with challenges and opportunities. I am confident that West Park will jointly meet the fiscal challenges that face…